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27 Oct 2022

You can get excellent results when using AI to manage contracts if you realize its limitations

Your learning journey of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not one to undertake alone or in a silo. One should never assume that a technology will simply speak for itself.  When it comes to using AI technology effectively, legal professionals -- whether working for a firm, for a department or for a tech vendor -- have much to gain from collaborating with other legal professionals in industries outside of their own.   You probably know already how failing to use technology effectively will likely slow your profitability and competitive edge.  That’s why now is the time to digest the basics of this tool but be sure you understand what it can and cannot do before you attempt to maximize the best it can offer.  What follows clarifies AI basics and builds upon that framework.  Once you fully understand what AI can do for your processes, you might be surprised at how quickly the best strategies are available at your fingertips!

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