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Our Governance

World Commerce & Contracting is governed on three levels:

Board of Directors

Global Advisory Board

Global Council

Academic Council

Board of Directors

The World Commerce & Contracting Board of Directors is responsible for the strategic direction and oversight governance of the organization. 

The role of our Board  

We value diversity and seek to ensure objectivity and integrity in all our activities. Our Board oversees our work to ensure we support a global and cross-industry perspective agenda. 

The Board has governance responsibility which also includes the following committees: 

  • Finance, audit and risk
  • Remuneration 
  • Nomination 
  • Ethics 

There is a majority of non-executives on each of the committees. 

How we appoint our Board 

The Nomination Committee is responsible for receiving and reviewing applications to join the Board of Directors. Members of our Board of Directors are elected by a majority vote of the current Board. 

Things to consider when applying for a Board position

Board members are expected to attend all meetings (typically four through the year). There is no compensation associated with this role although by agreement we will fund travel or living expenses for board members participating in physical meetings. 

Many organizations require senior approval before employees can take on a Board role with an external organization, if you wish to apply for our Board, you should check the procedures required by your company or organization. 

Board members

Rod Wade MedImpact

Rod Wade

Member of Nominations and Remuneration Committees

Vice President, Contract Management, MedImpact

Sharyn County

Sharyn County

Chair Elect
Member of Ethics and Risk Committee

General Manager Procurement, Property and Fleet, Jemena

Sally Guyer, Global CEO

Sally Guyer

Member of Finance and Audit, and Nominations Committees

Global CEO, World Commerce & Contracting

Tim Cummins President World Commerce & Contracting

Tim Cummins

Member of Nominations Committee

President, World Commerce & Contracting

Alan Detheridge, Group Treasurer

Alan Detheridge

Member of Finance and Audit, and Remuneration Committees

Treasurer, World Commerce & Contracting

Fayola Maria, Commercial Risk & Complex Dispute Resolution Expert

Fayola-Maria Jack

Member of Ethics and Risk, and Remuneration Committees

Director, Commercial Resolution Management for Lloyds Banking Group

Zaira Burlo Leonardo

Zaira Burlo


Customer Support Services & Training VP, Leonardo

Sangeeta Khorana

Dr. Sangeeta Khorana

Member of Renumaration Committee

Professor, International Trade Policy, Bournemouth University

Kristie Hamilton, Officer

Kristie Hamilton

Member of Ethics and Risk, and Remuneration Committees

Global Director of Global Purchasing and Manufacturing Services Operations and Transformation, General Motors

Cecilia (Cricket) Middleton - Secretary

Cecilia (Cricket) Middleton

Member of Finance and Audit Committee

Managing Director, North America Contract Management, Accenture

Stephen Murphy, Global CEO

Steve Murphy

Member of Finance and Audit Committee

VP, Contracts & Subcontracts, GM Defense

The Global Advisory Board

The Global Advisory Board functions as a committee of the Board of Directors. It has no legal responsibilities and its primary objective is to support the Board of Directors to broaden the depth and coverage of the association globally through a range of activities, advice and representation as determined by the Board of Directors.  

The role of the Global Advisory Board 

The Advisory Board’s primary function is to support the Governing Board by providing when requested:

  • Specific expertise  
  • Review and validation 
  • Guidance or project oversight  
  • Completion of specific initiatives

Academic Council

How we appoint the Global Advisory Board

Potential members are identified, and the Nominations Committee determine their suitability. Identification of suitable candidates may come from a variety of sources and the Board of Directors may utilize different approaches to identify candidates.  

This may be, but not limited to, a request for nomination process, referrals, council members and approaches to certain organizations, individuals, industry or region.


Nominations may occur via a variety of means as determined by the Board of Directors and may include renewal of current members without publicly seeking nominations.   

Once nominations have been received via the Nominations Committee, the Board of Directors would vote to elect recommended Global Advisory Board Members.  

At the beginning of each year, the Board of Directors will elect the Chair and the Secretary of the Global Advisory Board for that specific year.    

The Global Council

World Commerce & Contracting Global Council is structured to be representative of our membership and provide balanced regional, industry and subject matter representation. The Global Council is a forum for people who want to raise their profile and contribute to the ongoing growth of our work and influence.

The role of the Council

The Global Council is a member-elected body representing specific geographic regions or communities. It has no legal responsibilities and its primary objective is advocacy and supporting continued growth of membership in the context of their region or community.  

How we appoint the Council

The Global Council is structured to be truly representative of our global membership and provides regional, industry and subject matter representation through an election process. 

Elections take place every two years. Members are invited to put themselves forward for the Global Council and represent either their region or a community. They are voted by fellow members in that region or community. 

2024 elections

Elections for the 2024-26 Council will take place between 1st and 30th May and we are delighted to announce that nominations are now being taken.  If you are a WorldCC Member or Fellow and you would like to help us grow WorldCC in your community as a Council member, please let us know and we will support you through the process!

Academic Council