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Professional Certification

Certifications are a great way to learn, upskill, and stay relevant in our rapidly changing world. 

We’ve pulled together our extensive work in research, training, and professional development to design these courses for you.

Anyone who wants to succeed in a commercial role can benefit from our programs, which are recognized in over 160 countries worldwide.  

Types of certification

Learning pathway

Recognizing WorldCC certified members

Congratulations to all our learners who have worked hard to gain their professional certification and taken time to invest in themselves! Hear some of their stories here:

Angela Williams

Commercial Manager Education Services, Ministry of Education - New Zealand

“Having spent the majority of my career in the sales and commercial account management fields, working in and around contract and commercial management was the norm. In 2017, I moved from the supplier side to a Category Management role in the public sector in 2017, and my World CC membership provided a great base for access to relevant, best practise information as well as thought provoking content. I first tried the WorldCC learning platform during the COVID period in 2021, where the opportunity to complete the Managing Contracts Virtually was presented and the self-paced way of learning and global focus really appealed. This prompted me to investigate the certification programmes, and for me, the Contract and Commercial Management Advanced Practitioner certification delivered a range of topics which I could see were directly relevant to my role both now, and in the future vs other, more complex and largely theory based learning options which were available.

For me, the technical modules were the ones that initially were of most interest, however, it was actually the case studies presented as part of the supplier relationship management and contract management modules that I found most thought provoking and I liked how the live examples brought the content to life in a relatable way.

I definitely see the value in continuing to learn, develop and seeking new and fresh perspectives – not only for myself, but to add to the roles that I take on. One of the things I really like about the World CC community is that it is easy to access information of interest and to continue to develop professionally. It really appealed to me that this in itself was a way to keep your certification valid, as well as participation in the paid content and training opportunities which are also available.

I’d definitely recommend the program to anyone considering it. The self-paced nature of the program makes it easy to work in with work and home, and although the content is global in nature, I found I could relate it easily to my role.”

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James Wilkins

Category Manager – United States

“I am an engineer by degree, working in the oil and gas industry.  I've worked in mostly non-commercial job functions throughout my career and now have the honor of working in category management.  Although I have some commercial experience I wanted to build my understanding and proficiency with contracts and supplier management.

Because they apply directly to my current role, I found the following sections the most thought provoking:

  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Sourcing Options
  • Stakeholder management
  • Implementation and Communication

I am a lifelong learner.  I plan on participating in Continual Professional Development including the Advanced Contract and Commercial Management certification.”

James offers advise to anyone considering registering for a WorldCC certification program…

“Plan on doing your best to incorporate what you have learned into your daily work either by installing new processes into your routine, or changing your routine to align with the practices outlined in this training.  This will highlight the value of the content of the program and inspire you throughout the coursework.”

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Klaudia Gawlik

Europe Procurement, Fujitsu – Poland

“I having been working in the area of purchasing for some time, and I felt that it is worth refreshing and broadening my knowledge in this area. I was prompted to this challenge by my professional position, but also by the possibility of using this knowledge in my further professional career.

The program offered much more, it was a revision of economics, but also learning new, extremely important issues, such as cost identification, bid process and rules and more.

The topic that made me think the most and that I found very complex and interesting at the same time were the negotiation styles. Several times I was very surprised and I must admit that I will try to expand the topic with time.

I hope that my work will allow me to expand my knowledge not only from the certificate I have passed, but I will find new, interesting topics and challenges for myself.

I think that everyone, regardless of experience, will learn something new and surprising here at WorldCC.”

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The certification process

Register online

Programs are available to members only. If you’re not a member yet, you can join during registration.

Access the secure World Commerce & Contracting portal

Individual members have immediate access once payment is received. For organizations, the process is slightly longer as we work with you to ensure a successful program launch.

Learn the fundamentals

If you are new to a commercial or contracting role, this online or 2-day in-person course covers the basics of contemporary best practice. On completion, you are awarded an Associate Level Certification.

Chose your certificate

For those with existing experience, select from: Commercial & Contract Management Certification or Supplier Relationship Management Certification 


Our online pre-assessment gathers your skills, knowledge, and experience to place you in the appropriate program level. You need an independent and qualified reviewer who is familiar with your work to validate your pre-assessment.  

Certification level allocated

Once pre-assessment is complete, you are advised of the certification level that’s right for you.  

Practitioner Certification

The program provides a whole lifecycle view and focuses on the operational principles and practices that are critical to high performance. It represents a core ‘body of knowledge’ for our discipline.

Advanced Practitioner Certification

The program covers more complex issues and challenges, many at a strategic level, and is therefore suited to professionals with significant experience.

Expert Certification

Develop strategies and skills to progress your business and career into the future. Manage and lead teams, shape policy, negotiate significant contracts and demonstrate the influencing skills that create impact.

Complete certification

Your program remains open for 12 months, though most candidates complete within 6 months.


After completing the training, you will be awarded Practitioner, Advanced Practitioner or Expert Certification. 

Commercial and Contract Management and Supplier Relationship Management Certificates are made available within 10 days of program completion and remain valid so long as you maintain your membership and fulfill the requirements for Continuing Professional Development.


Renew your certificate every two years from the date of award to maintain a valid certification. To do so, you must remain an active member and complete the equivalent of 40 hours of continuing professional development (CPD) (Associate level certification requires 20 points).

Continuing professional development

In today’s fast-changing business environment, maintaining and updating our skills and qualifications is essential for career growth. At World Commerce & Contracting, we’ve made this easy for you to do through a combination of online learning programs, workshops, and a plethora of WorldCC events.  Our CPD InFocus catalog provides an easy reference guide to engage in topics of interest and gather CPD points.  

These opportunities are designed to ensure that you stay committed to your ongoing learning. Unlike traditional methods, professional certification is maintained through regular updates that reflect changing needs and methods in the workplace. The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) tracker enables you to keep track of your progress and maintain your credentials.

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