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We bring together public and private sector organizations and professionals. We provide our members with access to world-class research, standards, and programs to improve skills, capabilities and trading relationships. 

Our community of members is drawn from many industries and is made up of business owners, commercial and contract managers, negotiators, legal, procurement, and supply chain professionals. 

Hundreds of governments, corporations, large and small businesses are Enterprise Members gaining valuable insights and support to improve their performance and understanding of market trends. 

Member diversity

Our members come from different organizations, large and small, buyers and suppliers from all over the world. Our expertise and depth of experience helps us serve each group in different ways.

Member stats

With over 75,000 members across 180 countries and 20,000 organizations, World Commerce & Contracting is leading the way in helping our members respond to the demands of global networked markets.

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Integrated CCC
  • 36% Europe and Africa
  • 31% North America
  • 15% Middle East & India
  • 14% Asia Pacific
  • 4% Central & South America
Integrated CCC
  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Australia
  4. India
  5. Canada
  1. Saudi Arabia
  2. Germany
  3. United Arab Emirates
  4. France
  5. Nigeria
Integrated CCC
  1. Oil and Gas
  2. Public Sector & Government
  3. Aerospace and Defense
  4. Business Services and Consulting
  5. Technology - Software
  1. Telecommunications
  2. Engineering and Construction
  3. Banking, Insurance and Financial Services
  4. Legal
  5. Power Generation and Utilities
Integrated CCC
  • 44% Professional
  • 36% Manager
  • 15% VP / Director
  • 3% GC / Senior Legal
  • 2% CxO
Integrated CCC
  1. Commercial and Contract Management
  2. Procurement / Strategic Sourcing
  3. Legal
  4. Sales
  5. Operations
  1. IS / IT
  2. Project Management
  3. Finance
  4. Academic
  5. Human Resources

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With members from more than 90% of the Global 500

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Time to shine! Tell us about the innovative, creative developments that you have delivered in commercial and contract management and design. Our Awards play a huge part in recognizing your contributions in commercial and contracting excellence.  

Awards are open to all.  

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