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Competency Management Program

Our online Competency Management Program provides a benchmarked analysis of applied skills, knowledge, background and experience.

It underpins competency development at individual, team or functional level.

Regardless of organizational structure or location, you gain the insights needed to achieve commercial excellence.

Taken together our Capability Maturity Analysis and Benchmark and Competency Management Programs tackle core issues of economic value erosion through poor contracting process and practice.

Our assessment criteria

Assessment is made against seven categories of competence.

Within the seven categories there are 69 defined skill and knowledge criteria. You can select from within these preset elements and add your own company-specific criteria.



Why take the assessment

Commercial skills feature high on the list of identified skills gaps. And today’s market conditions demand rapid improvement. With training budgets under pressure, organizations must ensure value for money through targeted interventions.

Our assessment offers a fast, practical and low-cost route to identifying the areas and individuals for focus. Supplemented by our wide array of learning programs, our members benefit from a complete and tailored solution to the problem.   


About the analysis report

On completion, you receive an actionable report with an analysis of your current state.

Your report provides two benchmarks: 

  1. Comparing your commercial skills with the global market and/or industry sector.
  2. Comparing your commercial skills against your skill targets. 

We also provide suggestions for how any gaps can be addressed to often drawing upon free materials and content in our library. 


Who is this program for? 

Existing commercial teams are the most common beneficiaries of this analysis. However, it can also be used to identify candidates for promotion or recruitment. 

Our analysis also supports assessment of related groups, for example sales or project management, where commercial expertise is needed.

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