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Agility Workshop (One Day)

Fast track your agile transformation: Dive into lean-agile procurement. 

This workshop builds on the work of Mirko Kleiner, creator of lean-agile procurement and author of the book "Lean-Agile Procurement," which explores how to get twice the value in half the time. The workshop itself is designed to generate a detailed report and action plan to support your organization's agile implementation of procurement processes.


This workshop dives into the concept of agility in today's business world, specifically within a commercial and contracting context. It explores how organizations can adapt and thrive in an era of rapid change and digital transformation.

Unique Insights: Leverage the workshop's global research and industry engagement to gain a fresh perspective on agility relevant to your specific role and industry.
Multi-faceted Approach: The workshop tackles agility from various angles, including organization, processes, systems, team skills, and even contracts.
Broad Applicability: This workshop is valuable for various commercial teams, including Legal, Procurement, and Sales Contracting.
Interactive Learning: Through an interactive format, participants gain hands-on experience in implementing agile principles into their daily work.
Actionable Outcomes: The workshop generates a detailed report and action plan to support a successful agile implementation without compromising core business functions.

Pre-workshop Planning: Initial discussions ensure alignment on goals and desired outcomes.
Workshop Delivery: Choose between an 8-hour in-person workshop or a virtual format split into two half-day sessions.
Target Audience: The workshop is typically conducted within a single organization, but multi-organizational participation is also an option.
Content Structure: The workshop starts by contextualizing agility within your organization's goals, then explores its impact on relevant commercial processes. Facilitated modules then delve into the steps needed to integrate agile tools and methods for improved performance.
Outcomes: By the end, participants will have established priorities, outlined a work plan, and identified ownership for successful implementation.


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Facilitator-led, virtual or in-person
6-12 people per cohort