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Leaders of the Future


The WorldCC Leaders of the Future Program provides the opportunity for a new generation of Commercial and Contract Managers to gain fresh insight into key topics that are impacting our industry today and into the future. 

Each year we invite member organisations to nominate an under 30 year old member of their team to take part in our regional competitions. This experience allows them to start building an international network of similarly placed individuals as well as benefiting from mentoring.

2023 Global Winning Team - Europe!

We received many impressive submissions from our member organisations across the globe, but only one team emerged as the global winner. Congratulations to the Europe team, composed of Amarachi Chukwunyere, Craig Kyte, Emmanuel Latunde,  Matthew Sidhu, and Novisi Ama Dei, who impressed our panel of judges and everyone, who voted for them, with their innovative and comprehensive presentation. They demonstrated a deep understanding of the current challenges and opportunities facing CCM professionals, and proposed a practical and effective framework for delivering strategic value through CCM.

In this video, you will see their winning presentation and learn more about their approach and recommendations. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did, and find some inspiration for your own CCM practice. Please join us in celebrating the achievements of these talented young leaders, and stay tuned for more updates on our Leaders of the Future Program. 


2022 Global Winning Team - Americas!

"Delivering Strategic Value" is the number one priority for our WorldCC Community. If unpredictability is not going away, and today’s contracts and contracting processes are incapable of dealing with its consequences, what does "Delivering Strategic Value" mean? Our 2022 winning team of contract and commercial managers demonstrated unique creativity, and strong preparation in their approach to addressing the unhealthy state of today’s contracts and processes - which serve little if any purpose to organisations navigating the crisis over the last two years of historic global disruptions. Their presentation demonstrates the high level of learning garnered during the program. View the winning video below!


2021 Global Winning Team - Europe!

The regional teams from APAC, Americas and Europe were not only judged on the impact of their presentation, but on the content and the learning that they have obtained over the course of the challenge. The Europe team showed incredible insight and analysis, as well as exceptional strength and creativity in their preparation. View the winning video below!


Mariam Hamed


Katherine Hirst


Jessica Linstead

Ministry of Justice

Georgie Mundy

The Co-Operative 

Vincent Naylor


View our regional winners’ presentations

The 2020 Winning Team

Our 2020 winning team of under 30 year old contract and commercial managers were from Europe. They demonstrated how we can work to ensure our virtual trading relationships are sustainable and deliver social and economic benefit.

David Hannon, AIB
Danilo Spahic, Dell Procurement
Charlotte Seddon-Ellis, Lockheed Martin
Federico Movia, Capgemini
Raffeallo Cirillo, Enel

Innovators of the Future

Following the success of our Leaders of the Future Program, we introduced the Innovators of the Future initiative for young rising stars. The opportunity to participate in this program is limited to WorldCC enterprise members only. 

Why would you want to participate?

This is a fantastic learning experience providing an environment in which your young leaders can demonstrate their skills and judgment. 

If you are interested in joining the 2022 program, please send us your expression of interest.

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