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Negotiation Master Classes

Negotiators often lack the power to change key terms, leading to many deals being essentially one-sided. 

Studies show that up to 57% of negotiations are non-negotiations, where one party dictates the terms. This can put the other party at a disadvantage and lead to unfair deals.1

In today's competitive business landscape, negotiation skills are more crucial than ever. Whether you're closing a major deal, securing a strategic partnership, or resolving a complex conflict, the ability to effectively negotiate is essential to achieving your goals and driving organizational success.

Developed by industry experts, designed for your success 


Research consistently identifies negotiation skills as a key competency tied to individual professional success in the commercial and contract management field, as well as a vehicle that materially impacts an organization's ability to contract for value. A study by the Harvard Business Review found that "negotiation skills are vital to managerial success because they help you establish stakeholder relationships, achieve business objectives, and resolve workplace conflicts"

WorldCC's Negotiation Master Classes are your gateway to mastering the art of negotiation. This exclusive program, meticulously crafted by leading experts in the field of commerce and contracting, will equip you with the skills and strategies to become a true master dealmaker.

Master negotiation strategies, apply knowledge in real-world scenarios, and refine skills for long-term success.

This course will equip you with the skills and mindset to: 

Close deals efficiently while building strong relationships and long-term value.

Confidently navigate and influence every stage of the contracting lifecycle.

Empower individuals and teams to drive impactful business outcomes through strategic negotiation.

Who is this course suited to?

Contract and commercial professionals who wants to improve how they negotiate and discover ways to collaborate. This is a unique opportunity to learn from award winning author Keld Jensen, who has also been named in the Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trust.

This course complements the Commercial & Contract Management Certification Program and builds on the principles of this program.

Unlike other negotiation programs, this program is designed specifically for the contract and commercial community, organized in a blended delivery format so participants can engage with the negotiation program curriculum, develop skills, apply them on the job, and reflect on real-time experiences in a post-training phase.

You learn and practice in the same online environment you will be conducting the majority of your negotiations.

Ways to learn

  • Self-paced online (40 CPD points):Complete the online curriculum on your own schedule. Participants benefit from micro-video presentations, social-learning discussion forum, negotiation tool-kit, knowledge checks and access to three supplemental negotiation books.
  • Blended learning (60 CPD points):Available to WorldCC Enterprise members only, with a minimum of 10 participants. Add further value to your self-paced online learning with three further steps:
    • Step 2 – A virtual, half-day workshop  
    • Step 3 – Practice in real-time negotiations  
    • Step 4 – Post-workshop feedback sessions, two x 1-hour Other workshops 1-day virtual workshops and in-person workshops are available (at an additional charge). 
  • Custom Blended: Contact World Commerce & Contracting to discuss options for custom curriculum and delivery to meet your team needs. 

CPD: Participants earn a Certificate of Completion and 40 - 60 points toward World Commerce & Contracting Continuing Professional Development. 

Negotiation Master Classes Program components

Self-paced learning is available as a stand-alone program. The blended learning program includes all four steps.

Participants learn practical and implementation-ready negotiation curriculum for contract and commercial team members in this self-paced online program on their own time, at their own pace. However, we suggest that content learning can be reasonably paced over a 4-6-week period. At the end of each section, there are knowledge checks in the form of multiple-choice questions.  

In addition to the micro-video presentations, participants have access to three supplemental negotiation books written by Keld Jensen and engage in social learning via the discussion board. The Program includes specific negotiation tools for contract and commercial team members that can be immediately incorporated into real-world negotiations. The self-paced curriculum must be completed before participants move on to the blended learning steps.  

Self-paced curriculum topics  

  • Get to know the 4 most important findings to be successful in negotiations  
  • Understanding the negotiation process 
  • Difference between a qualified and less qualified negotiator  
  • The value of trust in negotiations (TrustCurrency)  
  • Measure your moral and ethical value in the MCI test  
  • Understanding the award-winning NegoEconomics model and how to create up to 42% additional value   
  • Manage and prepare the right strategy (SAM Model)  
  • Learn from case studies (BlueKolding, KMD, SamAqua)  
  • Generate an understanding of the 10 steps in any negotiation  
  • How the professional negotiator prepares  
  • Communication, positive impact as a negotiator  
  • Establish your NBA, (next best alternative), target and threshold of pain  
  • How to manage virtual negotiations  
  • Explore the 5 different negotiation styles and how to deal with them:  
  1. Combative  
  2. Concession  
  3. Delaying  
  4. Compromise  
  5. Collaboration  
  • Dig into what stress means for the professional negotiator  
  • Watch a SMARTnership negotiation  
Participants have an opportunity to apply their knowledge and new-found tool-kit through participation in negotiation simulation exercises, and receive real-time feedback. Virtual workshops can also be reasonably customized to ensure that your organization’s specific skills’ needs are met. Participants will be able to meet the negotiation challenges in front of them during any phase of the contracting lifecycle to drive revenue, create value, minimize costs or increase customer satisfaction.
Participants take their new knowledge and skill set back to the office and apply their learnings and new tools to realtime negotiations.
After 1-month of practice, participants engage in two, 1-hour sessions every other week with their workshop trainer to reflect on experiences – positives, set-backs – and receive feedback and continued training to ensure you and/ or your team completed the program skilled in effective negotiation.

Negotiation Master Classes

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Self-paced online
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