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Commercial & Contract Management Certification Program

Earn the Commercial & Contract Management (CCM) Certification that sets the global standard for this professional capability.

CCM is fast becoming a globally-recognized discipline and is poised for rapid growth within both the public and private sector.

The transition to a digital economy creates a need for innovation in commercial policies and contracting practices, which can only be fulfilled through a professional workforce.

The CCM Practitioner Program covers the full contracting lifecycle and equips you to become an industry leader, providing the tools you need to deliver impact.

This program is only available to members. 

Program features

Pre-Assessment to determine your program level.

Study (Practitioner and Advanced Practitioner) self-paced online or blended.

Exam (Practitioner and Advanced Practitioner) 2-hour online exam includes approximately 100 questions.

Presentation (Expert program only) develop and present a business case on an issue of practice, policy, or organization of your choice.

Receive the internationally recognized CCM Certification at the Practitioner, Advanced Practitioner, or Expert level.

Ways to learn

What is blended learning?

If you choose the blended learning delivery option, you will complete the self-paced online program alongside three virtual facilitated workshops with fellow learners and experienced instructors (guest academics and practitioners). Workshops are scheduled throughout the year and you can participate on the dates that fit your schedule best.

This option provides you with a structure to plan your completion of the self-paced online program. It is also an opportunity to connect and exchange ideas in real-time with fellow learners and gain valuable insights from the experts to apply the insights in your job role.   

*Please note that facilitated workshop dates are offered throughout the year; workshop dates are also located on our Events calendar.  

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How it works


This is a compulsory step before starting any certification program to determine the correct program level. Your pre-assessment must be validated by an independent and qualified reviewer familiar with your work. Expert-level candidates are also required to interview with World Commerce & Contracting as a pre-requisite to admission into the Program.

Practitioner and advanced levels 

At practitioner and advanced levels, student participants must complete all applicable online courses and course tests as well as participate in facilitated discussion threads before taking the final exam.  There are 31 courses at the Practitioner level, and 30 courses at the Advanced Practitioner level.  Each course includes a video tutorial, assigned reading in the course textbook, supplemental resources, and knowledge checks, taking approximately 1 hour - 90 minutes to complete each course.

Your program remains open for 12 months, though most candidates complete in around 6 months (and many sooner). 

Expert level

Expert candidates must have achieved Advanced Practitioner status, and be additionally approved to participate in the Program after an interview with WorldCC. 

Through the Expert Program, candidates have an opportunity to demonstrate the skills and understanding required to lead change or transformation within their organization. Expert candidates identify a commercial issue within their organization and prepare a Business Case for a change that influences the issue in such a way to reduce value leakage (caused by current processes and practices) and achieve relevant organizational objectives. 

An Expert Panel assesses the candidates' quality of the written submission, as well as a presentation of the Business Case. The organization also receives the benefit of the Business Case and moves closer to achieving commercial excellence.

The Program typically takes 6-9 months to complete. The judging panel has final decision authority on the award of Expert Certification.

Benefits and objectives


This program sets the standard for professional capability in Commercial and Contract Management. Its objective is to support recognition for this fast-growing discipline, to create consistency in role and purpose, and to equip both individuals and teams with the knowledge and methods needed for their success. 

Benefits for individuals and teams

Achieve world recognized certification.

Gain detailed knowledge of leading and emerging CCM practices.

Elevate experience and career opportunities. 

Join and network within an established global community.

Earn 60 CDP points at both Practitioner and Advanced Practitioner level.

Benefits for employers

Create clarity, understanding and consistency of practice. 

Demonstrate investment in your people and nurture employee growth and excellence.

Generate better outcomes from improved trading relationships.

Instill a culture of positivity and support.


Certification renewal

Certification is valid for a period of two-years with an active World Commerce & Contracting membership.  Upon certification renewal, members must demonstrate that they have acquired 40 points of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits, including 4 ESG points. 

Learning pathways

Practitioner level



  • Commercial and Contract Management Introduction
  • Contract Administration
  • Requirements Definition
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Sourcing Options
  • Conducting a Terms Audit
  • Cost Identification


  • Responding to Request For Proposals
  • Bid Process and Rules
  • The Influence of Laws on the Bid Process
  • Evaluation Criteria
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Understanding Markets and Opportunities


  • Contract and Relationship Types
  • Terms and Conditions Overview
  • Partnership, Alliances and Distribution
  • Statement of Work / Service Level Agreement Production
  • Drafting Guidelines and Considerations
  • Other Strategic Considerations


  • Planning, Overview and Objectives
  • Framing, Strategy and Goals
  • Styles and Techniques
  • Tactics, Tricks and Findings
  • Financial Considerations


  • Implementation and Communication
  • Monitoring and Performance Management
  • Contract Change Management
  • Dispute Handling and Resolution
  • Contract Close Out

Advanced Practitioner level



  • Commercial Excellence


  • Leadership and Becoming a Trusted Advisor
  • Negotiating, Including Virtual Negotiations
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)
  • Cross-Cultural Effectiveness in Trading Relationships
  • Interactive Case Study: Negotiation

Business acumen

  • Top Ten Pitfalls to Avoid in Contracting
  • Visualization and Design
  • Managing and Mitigating Cost and Risk
  • Advanced Financial Considerations
  • Simplifying and Streamlining Processes
  • Benchmarking
  • Government Contracting / Public Procurement
  • Third Party Channels
  • Ethics, Compliance and Sustainability
  • Interactive Case Study: Workgroup Analysis


  • Intellectual Property
  • Competition and Anti-trust
  • Relational and Outcome-based Contracting
  • Governance and Standards
  • Outsourcing Strategies and Tools
  • International Trading
  • Drafting Operational Terms
  • Industries and Contract Types
  • Agile Contracting and Managing Change
  • Creating a Contract Management Plan
  • Using Technology to Become More Effective
  • Interactive Case Study: Complex Relationships

Expert level


Transforming learning into business value

  • The expert program represents a logical extension from the Advanced Practitioner syllabus. It converts theory into action through an active business case.  You demonstrate how techniques, strategies and knowledge are applied to achieve approval for the business case.

Demonstrating achievement in the expert program

The judging criteria are:

  • Your preparation of the business case presentation, including evidence of supporting research.
  • Understanding and evidence of stakeholder analysis.
  • Demonstration of influencing skills through the quality (behavioral and technical) of your presentation. 

Pricing and registration


Self-paced Online

US$ per person
  • Self-paced program
  • 12 month access
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Blended Delivery

US$ per person
  • Self-paced online program & facilitated workshops
  • 12 month access
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Enterprise and Corporate

Self-paced Online

US$ per person
US$ setup fee
  • Minimum 6 persons
  • Incl. up to 3 Webinars
  • 12 month access
  • Company specific learning portal
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Blended Delivery

US$ per person
US$ setup fee
  • Minimum 6 persons
  • Self-paced online program & facilitated workshops
  • 12 month access
  • Company specific learning portal
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