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Commissioned and Partnered Research

Our access to more than 70,000 commercial and contract professionals provides an unparalleled ability to gather data.

We work with business, government, academia, software providers and top consultancies to deliver up-to-the-minute market information and intelligence. 

Sometimes this is commissioned and sometimes done in partnership, for example when applying for research grants. 

Our approach

Why research is so important 

Having access to accurate data has always been important but until recently, in the fields of commerce and contracting, it was hard to obtain.

Many commercial decisions relied on instinct, guesswork, or very limited sources. Business cases struggled to gain acceptance, decisions were delayed — and in worst cases —  organizations took a wrong direction and were left behind. 

How we can help 

Drawing from our member organizations, individuals, and specialist groups, we can target the right people to assist in your research.  

Interviews, online surveys, roundtable discussions and workshops are among the many ways our members are supported to gather data.

What are we asked to do? 

We conduct research on a wide range of commerce and contract topics.

  • Commissioned research is usually requested by member companies.
  • Partnered research is mostly with universities, business schools, consultancies and can attract funding through research grants. 

Recent examples

Commissioned research

We undertake a range of research projects for enterprises and corporations. Examples include:-

  • Trends in payment terms and the use of supply chain finance  
  • Supply Management: organizational models and norms 
  • Benchmark of Financial and Risk Terms in Energy Industry Contracts 
  • Digitizing the Commercial Function


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Partner with us for better research

Need to gather information that is critical to your business? Or looking for a partner to support a research program? 

Our team of researchers and analysts will be delighted to advise on how we can help.