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The world is an ecosystem of contracts

“Modern economies are held together by innumerable contracts” (Quote from the Nobel Prize Award Committee 2016).

World Commerce & Contracting is an association dedicated to helping our members from all around the world, achieve high performing and trusted trading relationships.

We are committed to researching, advocating, improving capabilities and helping our members to connect to share knowledge and leading practice.

We address the growing need across all private and public organizations for everyone to be able to prepare, understand and manage contracts, and be skilled at managing commercial relationships. Get ready to embrace change and innovation.

Join us on our journey to reimagine commerce.

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Our members are a diverse group of professionals, practitioners, policy makers, academics, thought leaders, and business owners.

We are all connected by a shared need to achieve better social and economic value, through better commercial practices.

Individuals, private, public, large or small organisations – everyone is welcome to join us.

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