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Introduction to Relationship Management

Move beyond transactions and build strategic partnerships. 

In today's competitive business landscape, transactions are just the beginning. Our online Introduction to Relationship Management program equips you to move beyond the simple "buy-sell" mentality and forge strategic partnerships with your suppliers.

Empower yourself to build strong, collaborative business relationships.


Focusing on value creation will give you the skills to maximize collaboration with suppliers and across different departments within your company. You will learn how to effectively communicate your organization's value proposition and engage with project and executive leaders to ensure everyone is aligned towards a common goal.

The true power of strong relationships lies in the positive ripple effects they create. Nurturing these connections leads not just to cost reduction, improved scheduling, and enhanced quality (although these are all valuable benefits), but also to a more efficient and innovative supply chain. Strong relationships allow you to gain strategic influence within your industry, propelling your organization and team forward.

At the end of the Introduction to Relationship Management Program, you will have the knowledge needed to contribute to better business outcomes by:

  • Understanding the power of relationships: The program explores the importance of understanding your suppliers and internal stakeholders to foster strong connections. You'll explore key ingredients for successful relationship management and how each plays a role in building positive interactions.
  • Exploring different situational perspectives: Understanding what matters to others is a cornerstone of successful relationship management. The program explores how to view situations from different perspectives, establish empathy and reduce conflict.
  • Learning the importance of creating value together: Discover how to leverage strong relationships to create value for everyone. The program equips you with the tools to better understand and apply the approaches needed for successful outcomes. Gaining examples of real-world applications: Solidify your learning with a real-world case study that demonstrates the concepts covered in the program.

Who is this course suited to? 

This program is designed for a wide range of professionals who want to elevate their ability to build strong, collaborative relationships with suppliers and internal stakeholders.  

Who should enroll: 

  • Those working in supply chain, procurement, and supplier-facing roles: You'll learn how to move beyond transactional interactions and develop strategic partnerships with suppliers, fostering early engagement and maximizing value for your organization. 
  • Project managers, account managers, and service management roles: Discover how to leverage strong relationships to support contract negotiations, ensure smooth supply chain operations, and ultimately drive win-win deals for your organization. 
  • Professionals new to commerce and contract management: This program provides a solid foundation in relationship management principles, equipping you with the skills to navigate business interactions effectively across departments and with external partners. 
  • Changing commercial realities 
  • Getting to know your suppliers 
    • How well do we know our suppliers? 
    • Understanding your supplier relationship 
    • The supplier perspective on SRM 
    • Segmentation 
    • Creating value and innovation with suppliers 
    • Case study 
  • Achieving success in supplier relationship management 
    • The power of relationships 
    • Ingredients for successful supplier management 
    • What's your role? 
  • Conclusion 
  • Assessment 

Online, self-paced: The program consists of a combination of short videos, knowledge checks, case studies, and a final assessment.  

To complete this program, you must pass the assessment: You must score 80% by answering six out of seven questions correctly. 

The program is intended to take between 1 - 2 hours to complete, is accessible anytime, anywhere. You will have six months to complete the program. 

CPD: Participants earn a Certificate of Completion and 2 points toward World Commerce & Contracting Continuing Professional Development. 

Introduction to Relationship Management

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US$ per person
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