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Vikki Rogers

Location: Israel

Nikki Mackay

Executive Team

Chief Development Officer, WorldCC Foundation


A lifelong student and lover of modern languages, cultural quirks, and human behaviours. Over the last 2 decades I’ve lived in 7 countries around the globe helping organisations to strategise and curate shared learning experiences through events and multi-media campaigns. Relationship building and bringing people together is my passion and I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with a cross-section of industries from Financial Services to Energy, Transportation, Telecommunications, Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare. Today, I live in the UK with two wild and wonderful daughters, two dysfunctional cats, and a very supportive husband; human trafficking and neurodiversity are subjects close to my heart, and yoga is a central part of my everyday life.

My journey into the world of contracting happened accidentally. Over a decade ago I left a hectic career in London to volunteer in a small NGO in Cambodia that rescued girls from sex trafficking; it was during that time I met my husband which in turn brought me to Israel. And while I’ve made a few diversions away from Modern Slavery in the last 10 years, I’ve come full circle and found a home and purpose in World Commerce and Contracting. I find myself truly privileged to be part of the WorldCC Foundation and a community of professionals that have the power to create change around issues of modern slavery, human rights, social justice, climate justice as well as diversity, equity and inclusion. Over the last 5 years I’ve been inspired by some of the forerunners in contract design and simplification, it’s a movement I believe can have material impact on business, planet and society.

While I continue to work closely with WorldCC’s core events and research campaigns, in my role as Chief Development Officer I act as an ambassador for sustainable and inclusive contracting, driving global projects that can create social and economic benefit through the contracting process.