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Capability Maturity Analysis and Benchmark

In today’s complex and competitive global economy, the contracting process has become a critical source of strength – or weakness.

Remove the mystery of the contracting process and receive an estimate of the potential added value that you can achieve from improvements.

Gain objective insights into today’s performance, comparisons to the outside world and a realistic assessment of business impact.

Carrying out a Capability Maturity Assessment is a complimentary benefit for organizations that are part of our Enterprise and Corporate Membership. The Assessment is available to non-members for a fee. Contact us for more information.

Capability Maturity Analysis and Benchmark

Why analysis is so important

It is not easy to maintain alignment between the fast-changing goals and priorities of the business, and commercial and contracting policies and process.

Our Capability Maturity Analysis provides members with a proven, low-cost method to assess and benchmark current performance and to develop an agreed improvement plan.

Our focus on the quality of the contracting process provides the insights you need to drive added value:

  • Increased satisfaction from trading partners. 

  • Increased margins from improved revenue or savings.

  • Improved brand image from the integrity of your commitments.

Our Capability Maturity Analysis

Our Capability Maturity Analysis approach was developed by a cross-industry, international team of practitioners and experts, who used 6-Sigma experience and the world-renowned technique developed by Carnegie-Mellon in the underlying design. 

It offers a confidential and objective analysis of current performance, buy-side or sell-side, and compares results against industry norms and world-class standards.  

The assessment is undertaken through a standardized, online survey which gathers input from a broad stakeholder community.

The data is then consolidated into a summary report with observations on current state and opportunities for improvement. This is accompanied by an online briefing. 

Our analysis model covers nine categories of engagement 



Leadership — the extent of executive leadership and accountability for process performance. 


Customer vendor experience — the extent of “ease of doing business”.


Execution and delivery — the extent and effectiveness of process performance metrics.


Solution requirements management — the extent of integration between the contracting process and product and service development.


Financial — the linkage between contracting and financial indicators and performance.


Information Systems and Knowledge Management — use of automation to capture and manage contract and relationship performance.


Risk Management — the effectiveness of the contracting process in identifying, mitigating, managing and eliminating risk.


Strategy — the extent to which the contracting process is supporting and influencing business goals and strategies.


People Development — overall effectiveness in equipping the business with the skills needed to support the process.


Optional one day executive briefing 

The one day executive briefing provides you with an opportunity for a facilitated discussion and improvement planning session. Our facilitators bring extensive industry knowledge and by including key stakeholder groups you will develop a shared commitment to a project plan that advances capabilities and drives towards the next level of value delivery for the organization. 

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We can facilitate workshops to help make positive changes. Our workshops draw on our extensive data and expertise to address issues such as lead-times, head-count, job roles, and use of technology. Get in touch with our team for more information.

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