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Contract Design Workshops

In an age of fast-growing complexity, the winners are those who simplify the lives of others. Learn how to create simpler contracts that will delight your customers and suppliers.

Whatever your objectives are, we can tailor workshops to meet your requirements – from short workshops that teach you how to use our Contract Design Pattern Library to a tailored workshop series focused on your specific needs.

Contract Design & Simplification​ Workshops

Crash courses in how to transform your contracts to help achieve business goals!

Our workshop process

  • To design a contract you need to consider who will use it. Contracts often have diverse audiences, with different language backgrounds and types of expertise. So, they should be designed to support all readers, not just lawyers and judges.

  • To achieve this, it’s essential we equip contract creators with the right tools to design inclusively. This requires a holistic approach focusing on human needs and the jobs to be done — because contracts don’t make things happen, people do!

  • Our workshops are a multidisciplinary and collaborative hands-on experience. We bring together insights from the fields of information design, plain language, contract management, data and analytics, and the law.
Contract Design and  Simplification

Learning objectives and activities

Identify the benefits of simplified and well-designed contracts.

Explore inspiring case studies and innovations.

Learn the tools and contract design patterns you need to transform your contracts with confidence.


Understand your audience’s needs through personas and journey mapping.

Develop a prototype and apply concepts in a safe and experimental environment.

The goal

Learn to develop well-designed contracts that: 

Reduce time to contract signature.

Help achieve business and legal objectives.

Reflect the real deal, agreement and relationship.

Are simple to make, use, and act upon.

Reduce mistakes and disputes.

Improve your reputation for ease of doing business and innovation.



Our workshops are tailored to your needs, and are available virtually or in-person. For more information on pricing and availability of our facilitators, please contact our team.

Case study

Co-designing Indonesian government contracts for the digital age 

A collaborative UK-Indonesia project, supported by World Commerce & Contracting and delivered virtually due to COVID-19, is showing how human-centred design and multidisciplinary approaches can help make government procurement simpler, clearer, faster, more accessible and inclusive.

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