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SaaS Contracting Guide

We have introduced a SaaS Contracting Guide. It is geared toward those who are already familiar with business-to-business contract terms and conditions but want to gain more familiarity with what is unique and different for typical SaaS relationships.

One key aspect of Speed to Contract is knowing what the norm for the contract is that you are drafting or negotiating so time is not wasted demanding terms that are just not applicable. This Guide provides those insights.

Download the Saas Guide

The Guide is made up of four parts:


A brief explanation of what SaaS is


The differences between SaaS and other offerings that are often confused with SaaS, such as professional services and software licensing


A checklist of those terms that are critical to both buyers and sellers of SaaS


A look at the WorldCC Contracting Principles and advice on what elements of them are relevant – and not relevant – in a SaaS contract

WorldCC welcomes your comments on the contents of this Guide and is always looking for volunteers to help keep it current.