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Agile Contracting Workshop (Half Day)

Agile working methods are not new, but their track record of success has been mixed. This has led to a perception that agile projects are risky, which is often reflected in contracting approaches that are not optimized for agile delivery.

However, given today's fast-changing and uncertain market conditions, there is a growing need for the innovation and adaptability that agile techniques can provide.


In 2021, WorldCC worked to develop the Agile Contract Manifesto with a group of leading experts in the agile contracting field. The team developed a complementary set of principles for the Agile Alliances 2001 Agile Manifesto. 

The Agile Contract Manifesto aims to provide guidance on how to take an Agile approach to contracting and procurement to fully realize the benefits of Agile delivery.

The key principles of the Agile Contracting Manifesto are:

  • Tangible outcomes more than specified deliverables
  • Clarity and simplicity more than complexity and completeness
  • Adaptive partnerships more than static relationships
  • Joint ownership more than risk-driven accountability

This comprehensive course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to excel in agile contracting, ultimately leading to the following benefits:

For Learners:

  • Understand Agile Contracting Concepts: Gain a thorough understanding of agile contracting principles, empowering you to evaluate their suitability for different projects.
  • Adaptive Problem-Solving: Learn to determine the best approach to agreements, identify elements that support agile projects, and tailor your agile approach accordingly.
  • Foster Collaborative Partnerships: Develop skills to excel in close collaboration with partners, fostering open communication and transparency for seamless agile workflows.
  • Embrace Change with Confidence: Build your capabilities to effectively handle uncertainty and change, drawing from in-depth research and analysis of agile contracting.

For Employers:

  • Accelerate Decision-Making: Equip your teams with a foundational understanding of agile contracting to expedite the evaluation of suitable projects.
  • Provide Strategic Value: Prepare your team members to demonstrate the necessary behaviors and techniques for flexible and adaptive business models.
  • Mitigate Risks in Agile Contracting: Develop robust governance models and contracts that protect stakeholders' interests. This course offers guidance on minimizing risks associated with agile contracting relationships.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Apply a framework to evaluate the appropriateness of agile models in various scenarios.
  • Develop market strategies and employ selection criteria suited to an agile supply relationship.
  • Formulate contract terms and governance models appropriate for agile collaborations.
  • Formulate customized agreements suitable for agile collaborations.
  • Effectively supervise and manage the performance of agile contracts.

Delivered a single half day, virtual session by our expert tutors. The program agenda is as follows:

  1. Understand the fundamentals and principles of Agile methodologies
  2. Analyze case studies to identify causes and issues that led to project failures
  3. Apply an Uncertainty Management framework to determine the suitability of agile contracts
  4. Employ strategies for effective supplier selection in agile contracting contexts
  5. Understand and adhere to the guiding principles of the Agile Contracting Manifesto
  6. Identify and overcome common barriers and challenges in agile contracting
  7. Develop well-designed and effective contracts for agile projects
  8. Analyze lessons learned from a series of case studies using – or failing to use – an agile approach


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Facilitator-led, virtual or in-person
8-16 people per cohort