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Contract Terms Analysis and Benchmark

People and companies want to buy from businesses that make it simple and easy and sellers want to close deals fast. Contract documents affect both of these areas – the perception of being easy to work with and the speed it takes to execute a contract.

Many organizations are now looking to undertake competitive analysis of their terms and conditions. World Commerce & Contracting is at the leading edge of mass data analytics, an area that is transforming the field of contracting.

As a non-partisan, independent global organization, we can help you gain an objective insight into the balance, fairness and competitiveness of your contract terms.

Contract Terms Analysis and Benchmark

How we can help

By using the latest technology and collaborating with our partners with expertise in contract analytics, we can deliver an effective, efficient, and trustworthy analysis. Insights on best practices will help you reduce your negotiation efforts and increase deal velocity.

Whilst leveraging our Contracting Principles, we partner with experts to analyze hundreds of data points in agreements to provide unbiased assessments of the fairness of each provision and how each stacks up against similar contracts.  The result is an objective fairness rating for the agreement along with the ability to dig in deep, clause by clause, and in plain English, to provide a complete understanding of the contract.  


Insights you can trust

World Commerce & Contracting is in an unique position to offer you world-leading independent analysis:

Extensive experience on contract analysis and benchmarking for global corporations and governments.

Latest technology to support cost-effective, valuable and objective analysis.

A unique repository of best practices gleaned from our Research & Analytics initiatives.

Over 20 years of research on contracts including most negotiated terms which informs clients on the norms and standards within industry and the sources of competitive advantage.


A history of focus on commercial contracts and the strengths and weaknesses of many different models and approaches.

Benchmarking terms for fairness against competitor contracts and industry norms on public and private contracts

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To learn more and get a quote for contract analysis and benchmarking, please contact us. The price will depend on the size, number and complexity of your documents. 

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Benchmarking is only the start of a journey to improve your contracts