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Post Award Excellence Workshops

Tired of losing value on your contracts? 8.6% is the average value loss companies experience during post-award contract management - a hidden drain impacting both buyers and suppliers. 

This workshop equips you to stop the bleeding and unlock better outcomes for all parties.


We're the authority on value erosion in contracts. Our research is cited by leading minds like McKinsey and used in top academic programs. Now, you can gain the same insights to significantly reduce losses.

Traditional contracting often focuses on blame rather than proactive risk management. Our VCU model empowers you to shift this paradigm and achieve better performance.

Invest in smarter contracting. Contact our team today to learn more about Post-Award Excellence Workshops.

This workshop delivers structured plans and tools to undertake uncertainty analysis and ensure the appropriate contract terms and model for its management.

Uncover the Why: Gain a deep understanding of what causes value erosion (cost overruns and revenue shortfalls) and how to prevent it.
The Value Compliance Uncertainty (VCU) Framework: Master our unique methodology for pre-award contract analysis and designing the right post-award governance approach. The VCU framework, which was first developed for a group of leading international corporations that were determined to improve their financial performance by tackling the weaknesses in post-award contract management.
Practical Solutions: Discover proven methods to improve controls and stem value loss in your contracts.

Available in either a physical or virtual environment, the workshop typically runs over 8 hours and allows teams to explore and experiment with the concepts and guidance provided as part of the VCU framework. They develop a deployment plan which ensures rapid impact.

Collaborative Learning: Engage with internal teams and stakeholders, especially those managing complex contracts.
Hands-on Practice: Gain practical experience using the VCU framework through interactive exercises.
Actionable Outcomes: Develop a deployment plan to ensure rapid implementation and value creation.
Format Flexibility: Choose between in-person or virtual workshops to suit your needs.

Invest in smarter contracting. Contact our team today to learn more about Post-Award Excellence Workshops.


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Facilitator-led, virtual or in-person
6-12 people per cohort