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NEW Supplier Relationship Management Certification

Setting the standard for supplier relationship management (SRM) expertise.

80% of executives want rapid improvements in managing supplier relationships. Market uncertainty and supply disruption mean monitoring supplier performance is a key priority.

Yet only 28% of organizations feel their staff have the skills needed for this. Our new, interactive approach to SRM is set to change that.

Delivering expert know-how through self-paced online learning, our certification program provides a path from knowledge to application, creating practitioners who can act as agents of change.

Available to WorldCC members only

SRM Certification

US$ per person
  • Engage in 18-20 hours of self-paced learning at Practitioner level*
  • Join interactive online masterclasses
  • Earn 40 CPD points at Practitioner level, 50 at Advanced Practitioner level
  • Contact WorldCC to discuss custom masterclasses for Enterprise members
  • WorldCC membership available for $1 with purchase of program.**
*25- 30 hours at Advanced Practitioner level
**Offer valid until 31st March 2023. Price valid for one year of membership, and for individual members only.


The program sets the standard for professional capability in supplier relationship management. Its objective is to support recognition for this discipline, to create consistency in role and purpose, and to equip both individuals and teams with the knowledge and methods needed for their success. 

Benefits for individuals and teams

Achieve world-recognized certification

Gain detailed knowledge of leading and emerging SRM practices

Elevate your experience and career opportunities

Earn 40 CPD points at Practitioner level, 50 points at Advanced Practitioner level



Join and network within a fast-growing global community




Benefits for employers

Create clarity, understanding, and consistency of practice

Demonstrate investment in your people and nurture employee growth and excellence

Earn better outcomes through improved supplier relationships and performance

Instill a culture of positivity and support

Enhance your organization's status and influence


How it works

Learning objectives

Identify the role SRM plays in creating valuable supply chain interactions at your organization.

Know how to segment your suppliers into different management categories.

Be able to create contracting principles that can be used to positively effect desired relationship behaviors, drive collaboration and deliver innovation.

Have the awareness and stakeholder management tools to help others to see the benefits of, and actively engage in, building successful contractual arrangements.

Have the skills to motivate your suppliers to support you in being the customer to whom they want to provide their best service.

Identify, engage and influence your key stakeholders and executive management.

Create an inclusive, positive approach to cultural change at an organizational level.


Know how to build effective governance structures and right-size the organization design for managing the supply base.

Develop your personal skills and understand how to form positive relationships.

Be able to construct a job description for the role of SRM.

Be able to define how SRM interacts with procurement, category management, and contract management for successful relationship delivery.

Clearly explain the role of SRM in driving business growth / organizational cultural change.

Minimize acrimony and contractor claims as you approach the end of a contractual relationship.

Become the custodian of, and control point for, knowledge and data sharing between the customer and key suppliers.


Learning Pathways

Practitioner & Advanced Practitioner levels*



  • Introduction to SRM
  • The goals of SRM
  • The role of the Supplier Relationship Manager
  • Building supplier networks and ecosystems.

The importance of a holistic approach

  • An overview of the WorldCC CGR Framework
  • The nature of the relationship
  • SRM in the context of the contracting lifecycle
  • The role of governance.

The SRM Lifecycle

  • How SRM aligns with the contracting lifecycle
  • The importance of communications
  • The importance of stakeholder management. 

Working with suppliers

  • Knowing your suppliers
  • Working with suppliers as a source of value creation and innovation
  • Benchmarking and the voice of the supplier
  • Supplier risk and opportunity management.

Managing SRM

  • Sourcing options
  • Governance as an enabler of success
  • Success factors
  • Exit strategies.

Skills for success (Advanced level only)

  • Driving change and creating impact
  • The importance of EQ, self awareness, and the awareness of others
  • AQ, the need for adaptability and agility
  • Problem solving.
*Scope of coverage is reflective of Program level

Expert level


Transforming learning into business value

  • The Expert Program is a logical extension of the Advanced Practitioner syllabus. It converts theory into action by demonstrating "SRM in practice".  

Demonstrating achievement in the expert program

The judging criteria are:

  • Demonstration of knowledge, skills, and best practice acquired from Practitioner and Advanced Practitioner programs to a supplier relationship through the quality of your presentation.

Certification renewal

Certification is valid for a period of two-years with an active WorldCC membership.  Upon certification renewal, members must demonstrate that they have acquired 40 points of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits, including 4 ESG points. 

Pricing and registration


Practitioner level 

US$ per person
  • 15-20 hours of interactive learning modules
  • Optional master classes
  • January 2023 start
  • Final exam to achieve certification
  • 6 month access
Enroll now

Advanced Practitioner 

US$ per person
  • 15-20 hours of interactive learning modules
  • Minimum of 3, one-hour master classes
  • January 2023 start
  • Final exam to achieve certification
  • 6 month access
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Expert level

US$ per person
  • Facilitated program
  • Contact for start dates and details
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Our courses and programs are open to members. If you are a guest member, 1-year membership will be added to the purchase (currently on offer for $1 to individuals, with purchase of SRM training, until March 2023).