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Business Ethics - The Right Way to Win: Making Business Ethics Work in the Real World

“Business leaders face pressures like never before to balance financial results with the highest ethical and compliance standards. Roberts practical, real-world approach fits hand-in-glove with WorldCC’s philosophy and values to deliver against the ever-tougher expectations of investors, regulators, media, and society”
Tim Cummins, WorldCC President 

The Right Way to Win shows you how to do well while doing good. Hosted by Robert Zafft, and based on his 2020 book, The Right Way to Win: Making Business Ethics Work in the Real World, this online course gives viewers the tools and techniques for fixing and enforcing ethical behavior.  

Ensure the "right" decisions are made


The Right Way to Win online course from WorldCC teaches professionals at all levels how to make ethical decisions that benefit both business and society. With real-world insights from an expert in law and business ethics, this course equips professionals across functions with the understanding needed to drive integrity, compliance, and success.

This course will enable learners to:

Understand the managerial tools and techniques for fixing individual accountability

Align employee self-esteem with the business's end goals

Understand battle-tested methods for managing crises and crossfires

Who is this course suited to?

This course is ideal for managers, compliance officers, board members, and employees across functions seeking the understanding needed to drive integrity, compliance, and success.

Online, self-paced: Complete interactive video lessons, knowledge checks, and discussions to earn a business ethics certificate at your own pace. With micro-learning and social features built into this self-paced online program, you can gain fundamental ethics skills on your schedule. Supplemental eBook is included at registration to deepen your understanding. 

The program requires about 90-minutes of engagement (slightly more or less depending on how long you spend with the knowledge checks).  You'll also have the opportunity to read Robert Zafft's book in your own time.  You will have up to 6 months to complete the program. 

CPD: Participants earn a Certificate and 4 Ethics & ESG Continuing Professional Development points.

What’s a CEO’s worst nightmare? The public examination Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf experienced at the hands of Sen. Elizabeth Warren comes close. This episode explores the human challenges of making business ethics work in the real world -- and explains why addressing these challenges means looking beyond greed.
An ocean liner in the North Atlantic has struck an iceberg, with 10 passengers scrambling into a lifeboat that can only hold six. You must decide who stays and who goes. But how? Gain unforgettable insight into the key frameworks for ethical decision-making.
Directors and managers face loud and competing claims from shareholders, stakeholders, and activists. This episode clears away the clutter and the cant, giving you the knowledge to act ethically and confidently.
The same managerial tools and techniques that drive ethical behavior also drive long-term business success. Featuring a hilarious series of Zoom calls among WidgetCo managers, this episode reveals the who, what, and how of individual accountability.
“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” How can you create and sustain an organizational culture that spurs both ethical behavior and business success? Find out through case studies of three widely different -- but wildly successful -- CEOs.
Crises and crossfires drive the economics that drive unethical behavior. Waiting until you’re in a crisis or cross-fire may be too late. Discover the rules of thumb to keep you and your business safe.

Business Ethics

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