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The Right Way to Win: Making Business Ethics Work in the Real World

The Right Way to Win shows you how to do well while  doing good. Hosted by Robert Zafft, and based on his 2020 book, The Right Way to Win: Making Business Ethics Work in the Real World, this online course gives viewers the tools and techniques for fixing and enforcing ethical behavior. 

Wherever you operate, your business needs to stay above scandal while staying ahead of the competition

  • Investors count on it
  • Stakeholders expect it
  • Regulators and prosecutors demand it

Ensure the "right" decisions are made

Understand the managerial tools and techniques for fixing individual accountability

Align employee self-esteem with the business's end goals 

Understand battle-tested methods for managing crises and crossfires

Program details

About the Program host

Robert Zafft

Speaker, Author, The Right Way to Win

The author of The Right Way to Win: Making Business Ethics Work in the Real World, Robert serves as a Forbes Contributor and WorldCC Fellow. He graduated from Harvard Law School and has served as a McKinsey & Company consultant, global law-firm partner, and Senior Expert for the OECD. He currently teaches at Olin Business School and practices law, Of Counsel, for Greensfelder, Hemker & Gale, PC.

Ways to Learn

How is the program delivered?

This program is online and self-paced, comprising short videos developed by a three-time Emmy-award-winning producer for investigative journalism, knowledge checks after each presentation, and a community discussion board.  Topics are supplemented by Robert Zafft's book which is included in your registration. 

What is the time commitment for the program?

The program requires about 90-minutes of engagement (slightly more or less depending on how long you spend with the knowledge checks).  You'll also have the opportunity to read Robert Zafft's book in your own time.  You will have up to 6 months to complete the program.

Will my team find this content engaging and impactful?

Yes! WorldCC knows how important this topic is across an entire enterprise.  Hiring “good people” is simply not enough.  It is essential that people are provided a foundational understanding of the ethical frameworks and the managerial rules & techniques of proper behavior and governance to make sure teams are making solid and defensible decisions. 

The tools and techniques that drive ethical behavior also drive business success.  To achieve this success, Robert and WorldCC have partnered with an Emmy-winning producer in investigative journalism to create content that is engaging, memorable, and applicable.  The Program will serve as the lighthouse to guide your employees as they routinely engage in business decisions and will help spur a culture that creates business value through good decision-making.

What do participants earn?

Participants earn a Certificate and 4 Ethics & ESG Continuing Professional Development points.

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