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Our Story

In the mid-90s many multinational technology and telecommunications companies shared the same challenge – they were not truly global. Sales and procurement were by–product and by-country and contracts were single jurisdiction – it was complicated and time-consuming. A common question at CEO level was, “What are other people doing?”. To reengineer their approach to global contracts a group of leading companies banded together – and that’s where our story starts:


Benchmarking illustration

1997 – The founders gather

Tim Cummins created the ‘Benchmarking Group’ whilst at IBM. Five members; BT, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Lucent Technologies, Marconi and Siemens later became the founders of IACCM.

Conference illustration

1998 – A CCM first

First ever conference for Contract and Commercial Management (CCM), created and hosted by Marconi in the UK. Piloted an online skills assessment and organizational benchmarking tool.

IACCM logo on a flag

1999 – IACCM is born

International Association of Contract and Commercial Managers Inc. (IACCM) officially launched in New York as a not-for-profit association.

Statue of Liberty

2000 – New York, New York

Introduced first global professional certification program in CCM. Hosted our first US conference in New York.

Online learning illustration

2002-2003 – Online learning

Launched the ‘Most Negotiated Terms’ survey and report. Hosted first Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) conference in Amsterdam. Developed the first online learning syllabus and program.

Conference illustration

2004-2005 – Conferences and forums

Hosted first Australia conference. Hosted the first Academic Forum for Contract and Commercial Management.

Graphic ten thousand members

2007-2008 – 10k members

Released the ‘contracting capability maturity assessment’ to allow robust assessments of organization and process performance. Incorporated IACCM EMEA Ltd in UK. Membership reached 10,000.

Virtual conference illustration

2010-2011 – Virtual conversations

Launched the first ‘Global Online Discussion Forum’ for CCM and the first internationally recognized accreditation in supplier relationship management. Membership reached 20,000.

Houses of Parliament, London

2012-14 – The CCM guide

Published ‘Contract and Commercial Management: The Operational Guide’. UK National Audit Office identifies Contract Management as strategic activity. IACCM initiates work with UK Government on Commercial Reform.

Journal illustration

2015 – Two launches, one year

Launched JSCAN, the first academic journal covering contracting and negotiation. Launched Contract Management Massive Open Online Course (MOOC).

Chinese language illustration

2016 – Translating CCM

Academics win Nobel Prize for Economic Science for work in contracting. Launch of translated CCM program in China and South America. Membership reached 40,000.

Sally Guyer

2017-2018 – A new chief

Incorporated IACCM Pty Ltd in Australia. Produced world’s first multi-jurisdictional benchmark report on public sector contracting. Launched first ‘Contracting Principles’ to aid negotiation. Sally Guyer appointed as CEO.

Trophy illustration

2019 – Professor Tim Cummins

Launched IACCM Research Forum. Tim Cummins appointed Professor of CCM at Leeds University, UK and winner of FT’s ‘Market Shaper’ award. Membership reached 60,000.

World Commerce & Contracting logo

2020 – Stepping into the future

IACCM rebranded and renamed as World Commerce & Contracting. Membership surpassed 70,000.

Foundation logo

2022 – Empowering Sustainable and Equitable Commerce 

WorldCC Foundation is launched, an independent non-profit public charity working globally to achieve a world where all trading relationships deliver social and economic benefits.

Celebrating 25th anniversary

2024 – Celebrating 25 Years

WorldCC celebrates 25 years with the annual theme ‘Contracting for Outcomes: Process, Technology and Skills’.