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Emergence from crisis. Staying on TASK in the new normal.

TASK = Tools, Analytics, Skills and Knowledge

‘Emergence’ has been at the forefront of World Commerce & Contracting’s thinking and research and is the catalyst for our newest initiative to provide the tools, analytics, skills and knowledge for our community to ‘stay on TASK’ in the new normal. We are going to address a series of critical subject matter areas to keep you on TASK, everything from finding the right balance in a remote work environment and effective online communication to optimizing contract terms, the remote management of complex projects and managing risk and uncertainty.

This comprehensive program will give you the tools, analytics, skills and knowledge to equip you and your organisations, not just to survive, but to thrive. This pandemic has shown how contract management is in many ways the gear box of the business – just as our roles have been critical throughout the pandemic, so they will be as we emerge. The power lies in this community to realize the better future we believe in, and to emerge stronger than ever.


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