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Research & Analytics

Research and analytics are the foundation for standards and innovation.

For over 20 years we have led the way in developing the research agenda for commercial and contract management and provided a home for multi-disciplinary researchers in our field.  

Research and Analytics

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Controlling Contract Value Leakage

Contracts are critical to financial performance. In current economic conditions, it is essential to identify and control potential losses.

Our latest survey will help you pinpoint where value erosion occurs and provide valuable insights to generate management focus and investment.

Your input remains confidential and by participating you will receive a copy of the report and an invitation to a webinar where we discuss the results.

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Latest research

Further research

Commissioned research

Data equals Fact. We need to embrace data like never before to provide an evidenced based approach to our work and our commitment to continuous improvement.

We have access to over 70,000 contracting and commercial professionals. Working together with our membership, we can support your research requirements.  

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Benchmarking and other services

Contract Terms Analysis and Benchmarking

Engage us for a fast analysis of your contracts, to compare against your industry and identify areas for improvement. 

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Contract Design and Simplification

Our research reveals that more than 90% of business people find contracts ‘hard or impossible’ to understand. By making your contract easy to understand you improve your business outcomes.

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The Process: Capability Maturity Analysis and Benchmark

A Capability Maturity Analysis and Benchmark Assessment helps you identify strengths and weaknesses in your contracting process and provides an insight into business impacts and actionable priorities for change.

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Contract Terms Analysis and Benchmark


Competency Management Program

The People: Competency Management Program

Our Competency Management Program gives members an objective assessment of skills and knowledge, aligning them with organizational goals and identifying gaps or shortfalls at individual and group level.

The benchmark against comparable industry standards offers a compelling business case for targeted investment.

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Research Forum

Our Research Forum brings together forward thinking organizations which collectively agree contract and commercial topics that are of emerging significance.

A separate fee applies to membership of the Research Forum.

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