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Research is at the heart of what we do. With over 20 years of dedicated research into commerce and contract management, our members benefit from our latest insights, leading practices and professional development programs. 

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Fair Contracts for ‘As a Service’ Report

The objective of this paper is to give a reference point for contract terms in the technology and platform-based As a Service (or aaS) marketplace. The intent is to introduce some balance and consider both provider and buyer perspectives.

Our overall aim is to narrow down the scope of issues requiring negotiation in one-to-many technology aaS environments. This will have the positive effect of reducing friction between parties and improve go-to-market speeds.

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Competency Management Program

Unpacking Relational Contracts Report

A growing number of organizations have begun to find ways out the contracting paradox, reducing the value leakage while becoming better at dealing with the uncertainty and complexity of the modern economy. What we see is the return of the relational contract, but in a new form.

Today’s relational contract is not the informal ‘handshake’ deal from a bygone era, but rather a formal relational contract depicted by a highly-collaborative relationship where the parties consciously choose to make social norms contractually binding. Modern relational contracts also explicitly describe joint governance processes, which the parties use together to manage risk and uncertainty.

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Post Award Summary Report: The Value Compliance Uncertainty Framework (VCU)

The economic value of contracts is gained or lost during the post-award phase, yet a study conducted by World Commerce & Contracting has confirmed that there is no established ‘best practice’ governance model to safeguard their performance.

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Current surveys

Most Negotiated Terms Survey 2020

World Commerce & Contracting is a world-leading source of independent analysis, informed debate and influential thought leadership for innovation in global trading relationships and practices. Our outcomes deliver sustainable, achievable, ethical, solutions designed to foster economic growth.  

This year more than ever, our Most Negotiated Terms Survey and Report will be eagerly awaited for the insights it offers on the emerging focus for negotiations. As always, it will provide analysis by geography, industry, for sell-side and buy-side, supporting improved negotiation, planning and the advice you can offer your management. Complete the survey now to be among the first to receive a copy of the new report.

Most Negotiated Terms Survey in partnership with Icertis.

Agility: how do you stack up against your industry?

‘Becoming agile’ has been on the agenda for many organizations for years. COVID-19 has created a new sense of urgency, with research suggesting that it is now a high priority for a majority of CEOs.

How do you stack up when compared to others in your industry? Our latest survey will provide you with answers. It is said that Agile methods deliver much more rapid decision-making and far more flexible business operations – but is that true and if so, are there particular approaches that more frequently deliver success?

The survey examines these questions and our subsequent report will provide respondents with valuable guidance on how to achieve agility, the dependencies for success and the extent to which benefits are gained. Completion is likely to take 3-5 minutes.


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Bi-annual studies

Benchmark Report 2019

Contracting (the process) and commercial management (the policies and practices that define the process) are of major importance to business and society. Together, they set the framework for trading relationships and trade is fundamental to the human world.

It is in this context that World Commerce & Contracting completes research to better understand how organizations structure themselves to develop, deliver and perform on their contracts. Our areas of interest are primarily in the business-to-business and business-to government categories and we examine the topic from buyer and supplier perspectives.

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Competency Management Program

Most Negotiated Terms Report 2018

A well-managed contracting process can deliver remarkable value. However, as the introductory infographic illustrates, frequently it is not well-managed. That is largely because organizations lack data – they are simply unaware of the costs (and missed opportunities) that result from today’s approach to contracting. Executives mostly accept that contracts are unintelligible and rarely question whether or how they could contribute to better outcomes.

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Competency Management Program

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