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Commercial & Contract Management Certification Programs

Over 90% of executives understand the need for better commercial and contract management; however, progress is uneven. Skills gaps widen as leaders race ahead and laggards stall. The transition to a digital economy creates a need for innovation in commercial policies and contracting practices, which can only be fulfilled through a professional workforce. 

Earn the Commercial & Contract Management (CCM) Certifications, which set the global standard for this professional capability. CCM is fast becoming a globally recognized discipline and is poised for rapid growth within both the public and private sectors.

Enrollment for our refreshed CCM Practitioner starts on 1st July, and access to the online learning will begin on 1st August.

Save $200 when you enrol today!

In a world driven by dynamic commerce and complex contracts, expertise in commercial and contract management (CCM) is more crucial than ever. WorldCC's CCM certifications, meticulously developed in collaboration with industry veterans and aligned with the latest trends and research, empower you and your team with the knowledge and skills to navigate the ever-evolving CCM landscape with confidence.

Whether you're a seasoned commerce and contract professional seeking to elevate your expertise or a newcomer embarking on your CCM journey, our meticulously crafted certifications cater to every stage of your professional development.

CCM Path to Commercial Excellence

  • Gain real-world contract management skills to apply immediately: 
    • Learn the latest contract management best practices from industry experts. 
    • Develop the skills you need to negotiate, manage, and deliver contracts successfully. 
    • Apply what you learn immediately to your work and see the results firsthand.
  • Comprehensive curriculum covering all key topics: 
    • The CCM curriculum covers all aspects of contract management, including the latest trends and best practices. 
    • You will learn about the entire contract lifecycle, from contract development and negotiation to contract management and post-award delivery. 
    • You will also learn about the key skills needed to be a successful contract manager, such as communication, negotiation, and risk management. 
  • Career development through internationally recognized certification: 
    • Earning the CCM certification demonstrates your expertise in contract management to potential employers. 
    • It can help you secure a more senior role, earn a higher salary, and advance your career faster. 
    • The CCM certification is also internationally recognized, so it can open opportunities for you to work in any country in the world. 
  • Flexible e-learning, and blended tutor-led options for your schedule: 
    • CCM certifications are offered through a variety of learning options so that you can learn at your own pace and on your own schedule. 
    • This makes it easy to fit the CCM program into your busy life, whether you are working full-time, have family commitments, or are traveling frequently. 
  • Access online resources like webinars and case studies: 
    • WorldCC membership provides learners with access to a variety of online resources, such as webinars, case studies, and white papers. 
    • These resources can help you learn more about contract management and stay up to date on the latest trends and best practices. 
  • Global perspective on latest contract management trends: 
    • CCM certification programs teach you about contract management from a global perspective. 
    • This knowledge will help you to be successful in managing contracts with international partners and suppliers. 
  • Network with other professionals to expand connections: 
    • WorldCC membership provides learners with opportunities to network with other contract management professionals. 
    • This is a great way to learn from the experiences of others, share ideas, and build valuable relationships. 
    • The WorldCC network can also help you to find new job opportunities and advance your career. 
  1. Introduction
    • Introduction to Commercial and Contract Management (CCM) 
  2. Essentials of Commercial and Contract Management
    • The contract lifecycle
    • Core principles
  3. Initiate
    • The first step of the lifecycle
    • Understanding requirements 
  4. Bid
    • The RFx documents and the buyer perspective
    • Bid and proposal management – the seller perspective 
  5. Develop 1
    • Selecting a contract type
    • Preliminary agreements and sale of goods 
  6. Develop 2
    • Selling goods and services; licenses and leases
    • Other business relationships and complex agreements
  7. Negotiate
    • Strategy and style
  8.  Manage 1
    • Transitioning to a new contract
    • Managing changes and disputes 
  9.  Manage 2
    • Managing performance
    • Delivering, invoicing, benchmarking
  1. Frameworks for CCM
    • The importance of a consistent, holistic view of value creation

    • Uncertainty management

    • A holistic approach to commercial models

    • Optimizing the contracting lifecycle

  2. Initiate
    • Contract Administration

    • Requirements Definition

    • Cost Benefit Analysis

    • Sourcing Options

    • Undertaking a Terms Audit

    • Cost Identification

  3. Bid
    • RFI, RFP, RFQ

    • Responding to RFPs

    • Opportunity Management

    • Bid Process and Rules

    • Influence of Laws on the Bid Process

    • Evaluation Criteria

    • Stakeholder Management

  4. Develop
    • Contract and Relationship Types

    • Terms and Conditions Overview

    • Partnership, Alliances and Distribution

    • Statement of Work / Service Level Agreement Production

    • Drafting Guidelines and Considerations

    • Other Strategic Considerations

  5. Negotiate
    • Negotiation Planning Overview and Objectives

    • Framing, Strategy and Goals

    • Negotiation Styles and Approaches

    • Negotiation Techniques

    • Tactics, Tricks and Lessons Learned

    • Pricing and Financial Considerations

  6. Manage
    • Implementation and Communication

    • Monitoring and Performance Management

    • Contract Change Management

    • Dispute Handling and Resolution

    • Contract Close Out

  1. Introductory
    • Commercial Excellence

  2. Personal
    • Leadership and Becoming a Trusted Advisor

    • Negotiating, Including Virtual Negotiations

    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    • Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

    • Cross-Cultural Effectiveness in Trading Relationships

    • Interactive Case Study: Negotiation

  3. Business acumen
    • Top Ten Pitfalls to Avoid in Contracting

    • Visualization and Design

    • Managing and Mitigating Cost and Risk

    • Advanced Financial Considerations

    • Simplifying and Streamlining Processes

    • Benchmarking

    • Government contracting / Public services procurement

    • Third Party Channels

    • Ethics, Compliance and Sustainability

    • Interactive Case Study: Workgroup Analysis

  4. Technical
    • Leadership and Becoming a Trusted

    • Intellectual Property

    • Competition and Anti-trust

    • Relational and Outcome-based

    • Contracting

    • Governance and Standards

    • Outsourcing Strategies and Tools

    • International Trading

    • Drafting Operational Terms

    • Industries and Contract Types

    • Agile Contracting and Managing Change

    • Creating a Contract Management Plan

    • Using Technology to Become More

    • Effective

    • Interactive Case Study: Complex Relationships 

1. Transforming learning into business value 

The expert program represents a logical extension from the Advanced Practitioner syllabus. It converts theory into action through an active business case. You demonstrate how techniques, strategies and knowledge are applied to achieve approval for the business case. 

2. Demonstrating achievement in the expert program 

The judging criteria are: 

  • Your preparation of the business case presentation, including evidence of supporting research 
  • Understanding and evidence of stakeholder analysis 
  • Demonstration of influencing skills through the quality (behavioral and technical) of your presentation 

Ways to Learn

There are three ways to learn for the WorldCC CCM Certification:

  • Self-paced online: Complete the courses on your own schedule with the help of social and micro-learning instruction embedded in the delivery.
  • Custom blended: Contact WorldCC to discuss options for a custom blended curriculum for virtual or in-person delivery tailored to meet the needs of your team or organization. Minimum cohort size 25.

Choose the learning option that best meets your needs and start your journey to CCM certification today! 

Understand the significance and role of contracts and contract professionals in business.

Apply practical concepts and techniques for contract development, negotiation, management and administration.

Demonstrate understanding of legal and commercial aspects of contracting.

Communicate effectively with stakeholders throughout the contracting process.

Manage complex contracts and commercial relationships.

Develop and implement commercial strategies aligned to organizational objectives.

Lead teams, shape policy, and negotiate significant contracts.

Identify commercial issues and lead change through the contracting process.

Improving negotiation and communication skills.

Build deeper commercial and legal knowledge.

Gain confidence and credibility as a contract professional, and advance career prospects.

*Save $200 when you enroll for CCM Practitioner today! Introductory offer (member-only) $1,295.Membership bundle $1,495. WorldCC members enjoy a $200 discount (use code CCMP24). Not a member yet? Our special offer allows you to gain CCMP certification and a WorldCC 1-year membership for $1,496. This is a limited-time opportunity, so don't miss out! Enrollment for our refreshed CCMP Practitioner starts on the 1st July, and access to the online learning will begin on 1st August.

Commercial & Contract Management

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