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The Professional Apprenticeship Program

The Professional Apprenticeship Program in CCM was initiated by World Commerce & Contracting in partnership with universities and corporations across the United States. It stems from an interest to align academic training and preparation with the needs of commercial and contract teams, as well as enable more satisfying transitions and development in the job role.

In this one-year post-graduate Program, World Commerce & Contracting places individuals at member organizations across the U.S. in order to acquire a foundation to effectively manage commercial relationships. 

Through this Program, organizations can recruit strong teams, demonstrate investment in their people and maximize the value extracted from their commercial relationships. 

Individuals benefit as they engage in a supportive, structured program, given the tools for success, and finish with exceptional credentials to launch their journey in CCM. 

Universities develop strong ties with industry partners, provide their students with opportunities post-graduation, and expand learning opportunities at the University-level that reflect the needs of the industry, and build student resumes.