Please Wait a Moment
01 Apr 2022

If we wrote our contracts for ten-year-olds, would our eternal search for contract clarity end?

Don’t laugh -- confusing language has gone on long enough, agreed?  But you can fix this!

The legal opinions in this article are the author’s own, not WorldCC’s, and this is not legal advice.

Just for fun, set your eyes on a long, complex clause in your contract – one that’s bursting with legalese!  Then give that fat, wobbling clause the acid test of clarity by reading it to a ten-year-old.  He runs away, right? Look at that clause again. How would you simplify it to a child? Are you willing to produce the contract clarity you, your colleagues and customers need -- and need very badly?  That’s the crux of this article -- to prove why and how you need to simplify complex subjects for a less experienced reading audience. If you’re responsible for a contract, you should know who will use it. And when you simplify -- not only do you make your contract clearer – you also improve your creativity in a challenging way.

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