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18 Jul 2013

Ask The Expert - A Career in Contract & Commercial Management: At A Cross-Roads

A recent survey by IACCM has confirmed the overwhelming enthusiasm of most contract and commercial managers for the work they do. Yet many are frustrated by the levels of investment and recognition for the role. In this Expert call, Dipesh Tailor, a contract management practitioner and member of the IACCM Advisory Council, explains what drove him to commission this research and discusses the findings with members of the IACCM leadership team.Among the topics to be covered: How do practitioners feel about the role and its value? What do they most enjoy doing, and what least interests them? How well does this align with business priorities? Where do contract managers come from and how do they get into this role? Is this a sustainable model for the future? Is it realistic to think of contract and commercial management offering a graduate career path? What are the barriers and how might they be addressed? What is the path to the future? What opportunities and threats lie before contract and commercial management? What steps can individuals take to ensure success?Our expertsJoining Dipesh on the call are several members of the IACCM management team, each of whom has led contract and commercial management teams at major corporations; and Suzanne Birch, CEO of IACCM Resourcing, who has more than 25 years experience in executive search for the contracts and commercial community.

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