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15 May 2020 · Webinar

Thought Leadership: Emergence: Commerce & Contracting post-COVID-19

We are all aware of the commercial and contractual challenges that have arisen as a consequence of COVID-19 - but what of the future? Will our work and activities slowly return to the way they were, or has the pandemic created lasting change?\r
74% of IACCM members believe that change will be lasting - and almost 90% hope that it will. But what change? How will commercial, sourcing and contracting practices and policies alter? This webinar draws on the research IACCM has been undertaking throughout the pandemic to provide answers and indications of the shifts that are already occurring and will impact the work of our community. It also provides a platform for continued discussion on how we - as a profession - take steps to ensure that our hopes for change truly are turned into reality.

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