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Innovators of the Future

Following the success of our Leaders of the Future Program, we introduced the Innovators of the Future initiative for young rising stars. The opportunity to participate in this program is limited to WorldCC enterprise members only.

The 2021 Challenge

Using the power and imagination of contracts and commercial to contribute to diversity and inclusion.

Choose one of the following as your team’s challenge:

1. As use of technology proliferates fears are being aired that this will lead to greater division and inequity, with poorer communities and developing countries being left behind.  With organisations focusing on the need for greater supplier diversity, how can commercial and contracting professionals contribute to greater equity, diversity and inclusion throughout the supply chain.

2. “There is an increased focus on racial diversity within organisations at all levels.  What is the role of contracts and of commercial and contracting professionals in contributing to organisational commitments to racial diversity so that it becomes institutionalised and not just a tick box exercise? What are the possible barriers to change and how might they be overcome?”

3. Case study: identify an exemplar of excellence in diversity and inclusion and how commercial and contracting practices contributed to that success. There is an unprecedented level of change and uncertainty creating stress around trading relationships and obligations to perform. In the future, how will organizations innovatively address issues of impossibility and hardship throughout the contract lifecycle?