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15 September 2012 · Article

Time to Slash the Hidden Costs of Recruiting

10 tips to improve your interview/offer/acceptance ratio\r
In this world where it is fashionable to be 'global', I am softly cynical of mainstream practices that preach one size fits all - especially human resourcing processes.  Most companies typically have sophisticated, tested and constantly evolving processes for just about every activity, except hiring.  We read much pretentious rubbish about the once voguish 'Talent Acquisition', but recruiting cycles seems to stretch longer than ever.  So, it's time to get real about recruiting.  Time to synergise the process. \r
As the economies of the world improve, the competitive position is ratcheting up and this means candidates have more choices.  So, to hire talent, everyone must be prepared for the process and be ready to make prompt hiring decisions.\r
Where are we going wrong in our hiring practices?

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