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15 June 2013 · Article

Effective legalese for maximizing your Return on Contracts (ROC) - third in four-part series

This article unpacks the strategic advantage 'legalese' can contribute towards the bottom-line value of an agreement if it is written correctly.  Focusing on best practices of refining standard contract templates, the author reveals what might be the most important skill development in 21st century contract management.  Let them walk you through the four-part litmus test of drafting comprehensible, clear, compliant, and complete contract language.\r
Series Roundup from Mainspring Consulting Group:\r
The first article posted in the February issue, reviewed the three primary business pillars of success: Operational, Legal, and Financial. \r
The second, posted in the April issue, featured the Operational pillar and how organizations prepare, negotiate, execute, monitor, and analyze contracts efficiently. \r
This third article will be followed by the fourth and final part of the series that will show how the Financial pillar contributes towards sustainable, long-term financial success.

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