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Post Award Excellence Workshops

8.6% - that is the average value loss in today's contracts. That leakage – which affects both buyers and suppliers – occurs during the post-award phase of contract management. It's a loss that no-one can afford and which can be avoided. Yet without positive action, the uncertainty and volatility of the market means it is set to become worse.  

What is it that we do?

Our research on value erosion and how it can best be prevented is second to none. It is cited by leading strategy consultants such as McKinsey and incorporated in programs at leading academic institutions. As the source of this knowledge, we offer our members the know-how to reduce those losses.

Our post-award excellence workshop provides in-depth understanding of why value erosion (both cost overruns and revenue shortfalls) occur – and understanding of how they can be avoided.   

The VCU (Value Compliance Uncertainty) Framework is a methodology we have developed to support pre-award contract analysis and plan the right form of post-award contract governance.

This workshop provides understanding of the causes for value erosion and practical methods to improve controls and stem those losses. 

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Value Compliance Uncertainty Framework (VCU)

What's involved?

Uncertainty analysis is an advanced and sophisticated method to anticipate and plan for risk. Contracts are by their nature incomplete – they cannot anticipate every risk event. But they can be designed to manage uncertainties.

This workshop delivers structured plans and tools to undertake uncertainty analysis and ensure the appropriate contract terms and model for its management.

The template-driven approach to contracting that is so pervasive in many organizations creates a culture of risk allocation and avoidance, rather than a capability for risk management. Through deploying the VCU model, organizations can shift to a new level of capability and performance. 

The workshop brings together internal teams and stakeholders, especially those handling the more complex and strategic contracts and relationships, and equips them through hands-on practice to understand and use the VCU framework, which was first developed for a group of leading international corporations that were determined to improve their financial performance by tackling the weaknesses in post-award contract management.

Available in either a physical or virtual environment, the workshop typically runs over 8 hours and allows teams to explore and experiment with the concepts and guidance provided as part of the VCU framework. They develop a deployment plan which ensures rapid impact.

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