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Agility Workshops

Agility is driving the business agenda, and yet many organizations are struggling to stay abreast of rapid changes and digitization. 

This workshop will uncover what it means to be 'agile' today, and how it can be achieved in a commercial and contracting context.  


What to expect in our workshops

Our worldwide research and market engagement allow us bring our members unique insights on what 'agile' means in the context of their role and industry.

The workshop tackles agility from multiple angles, exploring it in the context of organization, process, systems, skills and contracts themselves.

It is applicable to a wide variety of commercial groups, whether Legal, Procurement or Sales Contracting.

Highly interactive in its structure, the workshop teaches participants how to implement agile principles in their day-to-day work and interactions, generating a detailed report and action plan to support an agile implementation without compromise to their core business role and activities.


Mirko Kleiner

Mirko Kleiner

The workshop builds on the work of Mirko Kleiner, creator of lean-agile procurement and author of the book "Lean Agile Procurement"

The workshop generates a detailed report and action plan to support an agile implementation.

What's involved

There are preliminary conversations to assist planning and ensure that we are aligned on goals and outcome.  

Delivery of the workshop can be physical or virtual and lasts 8 hours (in virtual form, this may be structured as two half-day sessions).

The workshop is typically performed within a single organization, although there have been examples of multi-organization participation, for example where a client invites top suppliers with the goal of achieving a shared approach. 

The workshop initially places agility into the context of corporate goals and objectives before examining their impact on relevant commercial process and operations.

Each facilitated module then explores the steps needed to embed the tools and methods required for agile performance. By the end, your priorities are established and a work plan outline and ownership agreed.

To find out more, contact our team. 

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Webinar recording: Ask the Expert: Agility: are you keeping pace with your competitors?

‘Becoming agile’ has been on the agenda for many organizations for years. COVID-19 has created a new sense of urgency, with research suggesting that it is now a high priority for a majority of CEOs. This is especially the case for commercial processes, such as supply chain, contracting and legal.