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Location: United Kingdom

Kayleigh Kuptz



What is your professional background and how did you become involved in the world of commerce and contracting? 

My background is in strategy consulting and financial services which gave me in insights into the commercial processes and behaviours on both the seller (consulting) and buyer-side (financial services) of professional services. Born out of these insights was Deployed, a London-based SaaS start-up that I founded with two other experts in the industry. Deployed aims to bring innovation and digitalization to procurement and commercial contracting by reinventing how professional services are bought and agreed. Deployed’s software accelerate the Statement of Work writing process via data-led guided scoping of work engagements and automates the commercial process of agreeing work. 

What are two personal achievements and contributions through your career. 

Being a Co-founder of Deployed, I am proud to be a driving force and contributor in defining work better and applying innovation to contract and commercial managements, this helps with: 

Raising the reputation of contracting in your organization or geography or industry 

….and the reputation of procurement by bringing Innovation to a highly manual process and equipping procurement with effortless control and easy to access data insights in the process. 

Defining the new normal (post pandemic) 

…better defined scopes of work and easy to author statements of work enable companies to increase their contingent (and remote) workforce by providing clear deliverables and acceptance criteria. 

Covid-19 has illustrated the critical importance of helping women to realise their professional aspirations - what role have you played or are you currently playing within your organization to support women in their roles? 

Deployed is proudly majority female-owned and managed, it is a priority to my Co-Founder Emma and I to maintain an equal gender balance in our board and teams. We make sure that the women in our company are not just equal in numbers but also on role seniority and are either in or have the prospect to grow into a leadership position. As the CEO, Emma has regular 1:1 coaching sessions with each of the girls and as the COO, I make sure that are always challenged to new learn or experience new things that will broaden their skill set and benefit their further career, such as involving our Front-End Developer to lead onboarding sessions of new tech staff or our Product Manager to sit in and input into the Data Strategy.