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World Commerce & Contracting members represent a pillar for human welfare, business and progress.

We advocate on behalf of our members to promote changes that benefit society and contribute to our collective vision of a world where all trading relationships deliver both social and economic benefit.

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Latest Projects

Commercial Capability and Ethics

We advocate that the disciplines of Contract and Commercial Management require a common body of knowledge to develop capability and safeguard ethical standards.

We believe in a commitment to life-long learning.

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Sustainability, Social Value and Inclusion

Sustainability, social value and inclusion are increasingly viewed as the foundation for good business and stability in societies. Contracts provide the framework and the tangible commitments to deliver sustainability, social value and inclusion objectives.

Our members are at the forefront of many initiatives in every corner of the world and participating in a wide variety of working groups.

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Sustainability, Social Value and Inclusion

Contracting Standards and Principles

Contracts have evolved over thousands of years, yet it is only in recent times that they have come to permeate every corner of society. The Nobel Prize Award Committee observed that “...modern economies are held together by innumerable contracts...”

Every day our members cope with the challenges created by the absence of standards.

This creates risk, complexity, and delay. In response to this, our community is developing an evolving set of fair, balanced, and ethical contracting standards and principles.  

Simpler Contracts by Design

Contracts aren’t just paper documents. They define relationships, set expectations, and communicate vital information. Our Members promote contracts which are easy to read and understand.

Clearer and simpler contracts can improve your business relationships, reduce risks, and deliver outcomes more efficiently.

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Modern Procurement

Procurement is at the heart of change, and so procurement itself must change too. We now understand that procurement practices of the last 30 years are not sustainable.

Our Members are at the forefront, raising their skills and redefining the rules for trading relationships, becoming more relevant to the needs of their organization and the changing expectations of society.

Modern Slavery

The International Labour Organization estimates over 40 million people are in some form of slavery today. There is fast growing awareness that visibility into supply chains and supply ecosystems is critical.

Armed with that research, it is our members who lie at the heart of organizational responses to modern slavery.

This chart shows the instances of Modern Slavery by region.

Methodology of the global estimates of modern slavery: Forced labour and forced marriage

Innovation and Technology

Innovation and continuous improvement are essential to human progress and to the functioning of business and government.

While innovation and technology are not always synonymous, our members have embarked on a journey where the importance of technology as a source of innovation has been recognized and is being deployed as a source of value creation and intelligence.

Contract Lifecycle Diagram


Transparency is the ultimate outcome of our advocacy initiatives. It safeguards the achievements of our members through openness, communication and accountability.  

Transparency is essential to our collective vision and to the continued status of our community allowing us to be informed and proactive in the management of risk and pursuit of opportunity.

Transparency in Contracting

Advocacy with Partners

We selectively partner with other organizations that share our values and ethical standards to research and promote issues of direct relevance to our members. 

Examples include: 

The use of blockchain to streamline world trade 

Online dispute resolution 

The Future of Work 

Open Contracting Partnership and the B-Team