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Commercial Capability and Ethics

It all began in 1999

When the association was founded in 1999, there were already thousands of people around the world involved in the creation and management of contracts and associated commercial policies. Very few of them benefited from formal training and there was no established body of knowledge to underpin their work.

Our founding corporations were united in their wish to establish commercial and contract management as a recognized discipline and by 2004 the training and certification program had moved online to provide access to a global community.

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2020 / Now

Today we have evolved from thousands of disparate individuals to a global community which provides the heartbeat of commercial capability across many organizations around the world, both large and small.

Our early advocacy to raise professional standards has now extended to a much wider variety of programs. We offer different levels and types of certification along with extensive continuous professional development through a wide variety of means which include short courses, articles, webinars, roundtables, events and opportunities to participate in working groups and other networking activities. Continuing professional development is at the heart of what we do. 

In recent years our work has expanded to include commercial awareness training for thousands of people who might not work in contract or commercial management but need an appreciation of commercial issues in the performance of their roles.


Commercial Capability and Ethics


Our vision can only be achieved through the highest ethical standards being applied to the creation and performance of trading relationships.

We hold ourselves accountable to operating with the highest ethical standards and together with our members we seek to provide leadership in ethical contracting, commercial policy and practice.

Lifelong learning

Commercial innovation sits at the heart of human progress. Our members recognize the value and importance of lifelong learning.

Through our research and ongoing expansion of learning content we are committed to being their primary source of continuous professional development.