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Remote Work Environment and Balance

COVID-19 forced an unprecedented shift of the global workforce from their offices to remote work environments. IACCM research indicates that as the transition occurred, an overwhelming majority of our members were properly equipped to get their jobs done at home. But the physical set-up was the tip of the iceberg. TASK's focus on Remote Work Environment & Balance now digs deeper to consider the broader issues that impact personal balance and professional commercial success from your home.

We have all heard that in a flight emergency, you must ensure your oxygen mask is on before you can make sure everybody else is safe. In these times, how do you best ensure that your needs are met in your new work environments? And then how do you best balance to ensure that the needs of your family, your team, colleagues, stakeholders, customers and suppliers are fulfilled. World Commerce & Contracting resources are available to reach your objectives in the "new normal".

Top tips for working remotely

Coaching for the New Normal

We are all having to adapt to new ways of living and working - navigating our way through these uncertain times can be challenging, but help is at hand!

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Succeeding in a Virtual Work Environment

This Ask the Expert webinar covers:


The realities of virtual/remote work


Tactical strategies to effectively communicate and collaborate


Finding balance in the uncertainty

New skills for a new way of working

Managing Contracts Virtually

Creating and maintaining the value you bring to your organization as a contract and commercial manager is not dependent on whether your role is executed in-person or online. But while it’s not dependent, it is absolutely impacted.

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Insights on Remote Work Environments

Taken together our Capability Maturity Analysis & Benchmark and Competency Management Programs tackle core issues of economic value erosion through poor contracting process and practice.


Forget balanced contracts, what about balanced me?
Commercial innovation lies at the heart of human progress. It is through commercial innovation that we have created the conditions for successful invention, the framework for trade, the access to goods and services.

Innovation is clearly fundamental for any successful commercial and contracting practitioner. But we must accept that we are not all innovators; in most cases, the important point is that we encourage and welcome innovation, that we do not resist the benefits of change.

What about commercial inspiration? Where does that fit within the job role or personal characteristics of commercial professionals? The answer is that it has a massive role to play – never more so than in these testing times of worldwide uncertainty.

Inspiration is defined as ‘being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially something creative’. This implies a strong link to innovation, but they are quite different. Perhaps most important, while not every commercial practitioner can innovate, every one of us should aim to inspire.

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More training opportunities and further resources

Whether you are a large corporation seeking to establish best practice across your organization, a small-medium sized company seeking access to organized collective knowledge and experience, or an individual seeking to enhance your knowledge and attractiveness as an employee, World Commerce & Contracting offers a professional development program to meet your needs.

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