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Suppleye is a free to access platform that provides curated news and sentiment analysis on some of the biggest suppliers to corporates in the UK, Europe and North America.

The information comes from thousands of global media sources around the world. Data is collected, sorted and filtered, and finally curated to produce a feed of useful business stories across topic areas like sustainability, innovation, M&A, risk, operations and more. It also tracks sentiment where available from news, social media, customers and employees.

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The goal of Suppleye is to make you more informed, it does this by not telling you “everything that is happening”, but by telling you what is useful to know. This might mean finding that one story that appears in a year, or filtering down lots of daily information in to what is useful. 

There are around 3000 dedicated supplier pages and category feeds that users can browse or follow to receive curated insights either in the platform, or direct to their inbox.

To get the most from Suppleye and receive insights about companies, competitors and categories users can set up a personalised dashboard containing:

  • A company (or more) that is important to them
  • Adding competitors to give more context and inspiration
  • Adding a category to get market insights too

They should then enable notifications to receive updates, if something notable happens in those feeds.

World Commerce & Contracting have free access to Suppleye. The free standard access comes with:

  • 3000 supplier feeds
  • 30 category feeds
  • Up to 8 “follows”
  • Notifications and updates

The platform is in its early stages and plans to add “Pro” and “Teams” versions where users can subscribe for more functionality.