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Emma Rees Delpoyed

Location: United Kingdom

Emma Rees



What is your professional background and how did you become involved in the world of commerce and contracting? 

I am the CEO and co-founder of a tech start up called Deployed. I became involved in commerce from a young age, owning my own hairdressing salon and expanding into 5 stores, over 100 staff and freelancers and an on-demand service in London.  I put myself through university part time (Economics and Business Management), and leveraging my experience creating an on-demand app for hair and beauty, I then pursued an opportunity to co-found a start-up focusing on contract automation for higher cost knowledge professionals. This has evolved again into the company today; a platform designed to help any user write a good scope of work for any service.

What are two personal achievements and contributions through your career. 

We recently won the Melinda Gates and Microsoft Ventures’ Global SaaS Female Founders Competition. It’s a $2M USD investment in our start up to grow the business – and we are committed to hiring a diverse team, going the extra mile to recruit technology talent from minority and underrepresented groups.