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Virtual Negotiation

Research consistently identifies negotiation skills as a key competency tied to individual professional success in the commercial and contract management field, as well as a vehicle that materially impacts an organizations’ ability to contract for value.

It also reveals that many today’s negotiations are conducted online, not face-to-face.

The pandemic has only intensified the frequency and importance of virtual negotiations. 

Given this “new normal”, this TASK topics highlights the myriad of World Commerce & Contracting negotiation research, training and resources to support your negotiation outcomes.

What does the research say on virtual negotiation?

How tech has disrupted negotiation

A recent study shows that a majority of today's negotiations are conducted online, not face-to-face.

What are the impacts and consequences?

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Business Impact of Coronavirus: Emergence

Tests of public opinion show that people do not want the world to return to the way it was before, a view that is overwhelmingly endorsed by the contracts and commercial community. 88% hope for increased levels of collaboration and a more 'fair and reasonable' approach to negotiations.

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Insights from the experts

Negotiation: it’s not what it used to be

At its best, negotiation is an activity that supports discovery and establishes an alignment of interests to secure mutual value. Too often, what we call ‘negotiation’ is in fact the opposite – it is an exercise that prevents or constrains discovery and results in terms dictated by the more powerful party.

Will the pandemic and the disruption it has created alter our approach to negotiation? I believe that it will, both directly and indirectly. Here’s how.

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Sally Guyer, Executive, board director, mother and entrepreneur

Most Negotiated Terms Podcast and Survey

2020 is shaping up to be the year when there are real and lasting changes in the approach to negotiation. Learn more from this podcast - and be among the first to receive the full report by contributing to the survey.

Thought Leadership: COVID-19 and Supply Chains: What are we learning?

The disruption from COVID-19 continues, but there are some indicators of the longer-term impact and this webinar will explore a number of them, including negotiation in the age of automation.

Thought Leadership: The Truth About Negotiation - Negotiating in a time of Coronavirus

In this webinar, negotiations expert Keld Jensen and WorldCC President Tim Cummins will discuss what we must learn from today's business negotiations and how we should be approaching 'virtual negotiation'.

Improve your online negotiation skills through training

Tools to support effective and efficient contract negotiations

Contracting Principles

We have devised a set of guidelines to support and streamline the drafting and negotiation of your contracts. Reduce the time it takes to reach an agreement with these industry-adopted and commercially practical recommendations for buyers and sellers.

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Contracting Standards

We’re applying mass data analytics to transform the field of contracting. We’ve collected and analysed thousands of templates to develop a library of the highest contracting standards. 

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