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11 August 2020 ·

Business Impact of Coronavirus: Emergence

Tests of public opinion show that people do not want the world to return to the way it was before, a view that is overwhelmingly endorsed by the contracts and commercial community. 88% hope for increased levels of collaboration and a more 'fair and reasonable' approach to negotiations.

As country lock-downs are slowly eased, interest is shifting rapidly to the question of what emergence will look like. This fourth report on the Business Impact of Coronavirus focuses on early indicators of how commercial relationships may change. The pandemic has shown corporate behavior at its best and worst, with some demonstrating high ethical standards of care not only for employees and the local community, but also the impact their actions have on far-flung communities in the poorest parts of the world. Others have simply shrugged off their responsibilities, ignoring contractual and moral obligations, with no apparent care for the consequences.1

So will things really change? In that same poll where 88% voiced their hopes for new ways, 74% actually believe that they will happen. The infographic below indicates what form those changes may take.

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