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Managing Risk and Uncertainty

Managing risk and uncertainty has always been a priority for organizations, but this year has especially highlighted how imperative it is for businesses to be well-equipped to navigate the unknown. While mitigating risk and uncertainty is important, there is great value in embracing unsure circumstances. This TASK topic provides the resources for contract and commercial managers to re-think the status quo and enhance the role they play in managing the uncertainties that lie ahead.

Managing Risk Virtually

Managing risk and uncertainty in a virtual environment

This course is part of WorldCC’s training program, Managing Contracts Virtually.  It will help simplify risk and uncertainty management in the current climate to a 3-step process – Identify; Assess; Act. It also includes tools that have been exclusively developed for this course to manage the 3-step process from a virtual workspace during a time of unprecedented change and uncertainty.

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Risk and Uncertainty in Contracting

Post Award Summary Report – The Value Compliance Uncertainty Framework (VCU)

The economic value of contracts is gained or lost during the post-award phase, yet a study conducted by IACCM has confirmed that there is no established 'best practice' governance model to safeguard their performance. This report provides a summary of one of the key frameworks within the research which establishes a new, structured approach to manage contract portfolios. It offers exclusive insights that have the potential to transform the efficiency and effectiveness of post-award contract management.

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What Contract Risks are Hiding in the Cloud?

How can you ensure your applications and data are protected if something happens to your Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider? Our author, John Boruvka, uncovers big contract risks hidden in the cloud - and the vital things you need to think about before you sign the deal.

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Creating Opportunity from Risk and Uncertainty

Managing risk in changing times – past and future

Risk management is a vital tool in all aspects of modern management, including contract management. But it is not standing still! We’ve developed new ways of understanding risk and undertaking its management, and new approaches will surely continue to arise.

But what might the future of risk management look like? This article uses concepts from cosmology to consider the options.

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When is a Risk not a Risk?

It is common to confuse the causes of risk with the risks themselves. All risks are uncertain, they have not yet happened, and they may never happen. This means that a risk is not the same as a problem, an issue, a constraint or a requirement, although these things might give rise to risks.

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Providing Risk Infrastructure to Support Opportunity Management

Failure to provide an appropriate level of risk infrastructure can cripple risk management in an organization. Too little support makes it difficult to implement the risk process efficiently, while too much infrastructure adds to the cost overhead. Getting the supporting infrastructure right is essential for effective risk management, enabling the risk process to deliver the expected benefits to the organization and its projects.

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Managing Risk and Uncertainty

In 2018, IACCM (now World Commerce and Contracting) was commissioned to identify ‘leading practices in post-award contract management’. Following intensive study, we had not found any organization that could claim a consistent post-award capability, especially for more complex forms of relationship.

Good contract management is not about simply having a robust process and properly skilled and equipped teams. As with any process, the real measure of success lies in the quality of the deliverable and what we discovered was plenty of individual examples of excellence, but none that demonstrated consistency across an entire contract portfolio.

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