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Job Opportunities & Online Interviewing

Your individual motivation and search for new job opportunities may stem from many sources. It may be that you were directly impacted by the economic hit caused by COVID-19. Perhaps your current job cannot accommodate the work-life arrangement you require for the foreseeable future due to the roller coaster of community openings and closings. More positively, it could be that the last several months have given you time for deep reflection, opportunities to reskill or upskill, and you are now looking for new and challenging opportunities. Even perhaps you are a recent graduate searching for your first full-time job or thinking that a lateral move to contract management or supplier relationship management is intriguing.

For those of you that have already started your search, you have probably felt the changes in the recruitment landscape – more remote opportunities, online interviewing and a changing emphasis on skills and abilities required in job descriptions.

Regardless of where your motivation originated, World Commerce & Contracting’s TASK topic on Job Opportunities and Online Interviewing provides resources and support as you navigate the marketplace. We have also linked out to training that will help you open doors to new opportunities or make you the most attractive candidate for hire.

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The traditional job sites currently post thousands of positions in contract and commercial management. Is your organization one of them? Is your opportunity being diluted in these broad forums? Are you attracting talent that has the experience, interest, passion and education that supports your hiring needs?

Why not post your opening on our Jobs Board and optimize the possibility to recruit the best talent for your team – individuals that are experienced in CCM and SRM and maintain an ongoing interest and commitment to their profession through World Commerce & Contracting membership.


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This webinar will cover several proven best practices, which, if effectively adapted and implemented, can increase a company's chances of success as it grows. These tactics and techniques are not solely focused on the revenue and profitability perspective; they facilitate the preservation of the company's culture, core values and other tangible and intangible factors that made the company successful during its initial growth stages.

Communication coaching: preparing for the online interview

Preparation is key to interview success! Online interviews are no different but also present some new challenges. Whether you want to build your confidence, improve your communication skills or find out tips on how to present yourself on a video conferencing platform, we have a coach to help guide you. Our new coaching program will equip you with the skills to thrive in our new normal. Our coaches will work with you in a confidential virtual environment to help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

IACCM Members can choose to book a one-off session or a package. Open to Individuals and Corporate Members.

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Job-hunting? Invited for an online interview? Top tips to increase your chances of success.

As working from home becomes increasingly commonplace either permanently, or in response to future lockdowns, many employers are asking candidates about their ability and desire to work from home and their strategies to focus on work in their home environment.           

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Keld Jensen, Negotiation, Trust, and Behavioral Economics Expert

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Recruitment & Jobs: Where Next?

'The success of remote working has opened up previously unavailable talent pools, with 64% of hiring managers now more willing to consider remote workers.'

This finding, from a survey conducted by Cielo, represents both good and bad news for job candidates. Good, because it suggests greater opportunities to find work outside traditional limits of geography or personal circumstances. Bad, because it also indicates greater competition for whatever jobs are available. And in the post-COVID era, as business struggles to recover, the level of unemployment is set to rise and the volume of opening to fall.

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Keld Jensen, Negotiation, Trust, and Behavioral Economics Expert

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Commercial Awareness for Better Business Outcomes

Need to demonstrate your commercial acumen on your CV? Add a certificate that does just that. You can earn a certificate that demonstrates your commercial acumen to existing and potential employers.

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More training opportunities and further resources

Whether you are a large corporation seeking to establish best practice across your organization, a small-medium sized company seeking access to organized collective knowledge and experience, or an individual seeking to enhance your knowledge and attractiveness as an employee, World Commerce & Contracting offers a professional development program to meet your needs.

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