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22 May 2015

Getting a workable contract to signature

Learn a series of "pro tips" for drafting, negotiating, and managing a workable contract, presented by legal expert D.C. Toedt.\r
The discussion will cover:\r
- checklists of questions to help brainstorm points to cover in contracts, with handy mnemonic acronyms;\r
- "canary-in-the-coal-mine" clauses to help identify "difficult" counterparties;\r
- pairs of clauses that should be joined at the hip -- for example, a drafter asking for an indemnity obligation should always at least consider including an insurance requirement to fund the indemnity;\r
- "time bomb" clauses that, if proposed, might someday blow up in the proponent's face;\r
- the difference between "don't kick a sleeping dog" clauses and "offer the guard dog some hamburger" clauses;\r
- relationship-nurturing clauses that can be used to help avoid disputes in the first instance, not just resolve them;\r
- and others.

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