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31 Oct 2013

Contract Templates and Standards

Business efficiency has driven more than 90% of companies to develop some level of 'standard terms', even if for many their use is limited. Larger companies, which are better able to impose terms on their trading partners, view standards as a key element in their approach to risk management. However, without a coherent strategy and adequate management, templates and standards can become an impediment to good business and represent a source of risk.In this webinar, IACCM shares its experience of good practice in the development and use of contract standards and templates. We outline approaches that generate efficiency without imposing rigidity; we discuss the importance of term audits and impact assessments; we provide suggested tools to analyse terms and optimise consistency; and we discuss current trends towards increased market competitiveness. \r
The program was presented by Jim Bergman, IACCM Vice-President for Asia-Pacific, and IACCM CEO Tim Cummins.

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