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08 Jun 2022

Contract Lifecycle Management: What comes after transformation?

Now comes the question of how you choose to operate

If the last three years have taught us anything when it comes to contracts, it may be that what we thought we knew doesn’t always end up happening in the end. A corollary to this is that perhaps what we thought was important in contracting and on our contractual relationships isn’t as important to how a business really runs. Perhaps, just perhaps, negotiating a good set of clauses and mechanisms around supply chain resiliency would have been more useful than fighting over net 30 or net 45 days payment terms. Spoiler alert: the world is complicated and doesn’t seem to be getting less so. Now making contracts simpler and more easily handled by “the business” is great and getting a uniting process and set of tools around how you manage contracts, their management and ever increasingly the data held within is also great. These “transformational” activities are must-haves and not projects to kick down the road to some distant future for “when things calm down.”

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