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08 October 2015 · Article

Improving Contracting Competencies Through Relational and Collaborative Contracting - AMERICAS 2015

How do you write a contract that achieves the goals of all parties involved? You have to make it easy to read, lower the transaction costs and understand how the contract relates to the procurement process. Actually achieving these goals is often discussed more theoretically than practically.\r
In this workshop, Ed Hansen, will show you what processes you should be using to drive value, lower costs and created greater efficiency in your contracting process.\r
Topics to be addressed:\r
- Framing, strategy and goals\r
- Defining a Service Level Agreement (SLA) framework\r
- Monitoring performance and defining Governance\r
- Discussing risk elements and mitigation strategies\r
- Contracting role of the Business Unit (non-Procurement teammates)\r
- Providing an analytical framework for interaction costs\r
- Differentiating between deal economics and financials

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