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15 June 2009 · Article

Connective forces — getting back to the bargain

Richard Susskind provocatively predicts the end of lawyers in his latest bestseller - The End of Lawyers? Rethinking the Nature of Legal Services - although his reflections are only intended to provoke his profession to wake up and accept change and carve a new niche in a globally connected world. He argues that the legal profession needs to think not of selling the drill bit, but delivering the hole. He worries that IT can produce standard legal documents and eliminate the need for very expensive bespoke legal help. Legal work could be unbundled, simplified and systematized. Pesky IT genius will create new disruptive technology that could allow the proletariat to Google an agreement, learn their trade secrets and change the face of the legal profession to the extent that the lawyers are on their knees looking up at the curve of change that could leave them behind. What a great idea!



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